Saturday, December 31, 2011

Well, I guess it's that time again, isn't it?

2011, amirite??

I really don't have whole lot to say about the past year, to be honest. I spent most of it just kind of laying low and enjoying life. There were a few high points, such as my trip to the Dominican with two girlfriends back in January and my trip to quebec with my girls in September. I got to go to a few concerts, including Finger Eleven, A Primitive Evolution and a few more from The Schomberg Fair - two in one week from those guys.

Although, I did date a bit, and had fun while I was at it, I spent 2011 pretty much single. I've spent a lot of time sorting out my issues in the aftermath of most-recent-ex, whom I had made one final attempt at friendship with before deciding it was best for everyone involved if we just cut off all contact. Not easy, but I'm working on it.

My car got written off but it was a situation that ended up working out well for me as it allowed me to get out of my car loan.

Compared to last year, spent most of this year on the periphery of other people's excitement - some good, some bad. For myself, in retrospect, the year was kind of mundane and uneventful.

Maybe that's a good thing.

2012 looks like it could potentially be quite the roller coaster. That is, if we aren't all blinked out of existence by mid-December. However, I'm sure that much like Harold Camping's prophecies of doom this Mayan calendar issue will likely turn out to be just a lot of hooey.

Please feel free to make fun of me for using the word 'hooey'.

As I was saying, the coming year already holds a lot of promise for excitement and/or crippling anxiety... Wheee!

This year's to-do list includes:
  • Buy a house. Yup, that's a big 'un
  • learn my ukulele
  • compete in the Warrior Dash
  • find a way to make some money with all this writing
  • keep working on staying in shape
  • My kickboxing instructor has thrown around the idea of holding some demos, in which case I want in on that. Yeah, I've been doing this for over a year now, and still love it

So I guess that's my year end wrap-up. Time to start getting myself dolled up for this evening's festivities. Cheers, y'all.


  1. Noting your discrepancies and spelling:
    "There were a few hight points"
    "I spent 2012 pretty much single"

    See you tonight :-)

  2. Yeah I'm still get used to a touch keypad. Noted. Considering the hell of a time I was having texting mat this morning, two typos is pretty good. Yay autocorrect .

    Yeah I've definitely jinxed myself now.

  3. Talk to a mayan about that world ending nonsense. Besides politly calling you and idiot, and posibly looking at you like you have mental health issues. They would point out that 12 21 2012 is no different then 12 31 2011, and that the world is as likely to end then as it is likely to end today.

    Speaking of today, I just looked at the calendar on the wall, today is the last date marked on the calender!!!! You also used the word "hooey" isnt that one of the signs of the Apocalypse too. That must mean the world is going to end tonight.

  4. Aren't the Mayans all dead? Maybe I could just find someone named Maya and ask them? It's pretty close. Kinda. Maybe not. Maybe I could get Duncan the Orangutan to ask her.

  5. I, for one, am really glad this year is coming to an end. Too much crap I want to put behind me.

  6. HA HA! you said "hooey"

  7. There are actually ~7 million Mayans, a lot of whom still speak a Mayan language that might be able to answer any question in regard to their extinction.

    Oh, and a side note the Aztec and the Inca still exist as well, 2 million and 10 million respectively.

  8. I think, technically you "met" me in 2010 so I'll forgive you for leaving your robot-human hybrid friend in Georgia out of the recap.

    Seriously, this was my best year for one reason - my family, after 3 years together, has jelled.

    Keep writing, I love hanging here.


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