Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Isla de Encanta - Day Three. I HAVE A MOOOONKEEYYYYY

"I can hardly fathom a breakfast buffet that does not have BACON." - Vacation journal 01/30/11
Yeah.  Breakfast buffet and NO BACON.  Little sleep as well.  We were in fine shape on Sunday morning after being out until 5 am.  I am told that the morning after I left, there was bacon at breakfast.  Kaylee even took pictures to prove it.  But all week, no bacon.  Half decent potatoes, half decent eggs.. soggy french toast and coffee that is a very small step down from Espresso. And no bacon.

Had orientation 2.0 since I went with the girls to theirs then we tried to get the room situation all sorted out.  Since there were no double-occupancy rooms left, they gave the girls a suite (yeah, kitchen, sitting room etc) across the way from me.  It was pretty sweet.  Nyuk.

I didn't even bother taking pictures of my room.  I probably spent more time in theirs.

Sunday was a beach day, so we got some drinks and headed for the sand.  I was approached by the vendor, Elsa who had offered to braid my hair the previous day.  I did kinda want to get it done, so I got it over with and ended up saving myself a lot of harassment for the rest of the week.  The beach vendors are so aggressive.  It's all you can do to just stop making eye contact.  However there was one guy that consistently made us giggle over the course of the week.  He was selling stuffies and as he came down the beach he'd call out

Holy hell.. I just found a video of the monkey man!  Sweet Jesus!!

(unrelated note.. I now have Tweeter and the Monkey Man in my head. Headstones version as opposed to the Wilburys. I've been thinking about Hugh Dillon a lot lately.)

We threw around a joke that we could bastardize the monkey call into a dating call-to-action (" I have a Vagina!!" but never really put that theory to test.  Yes, we're pretty much nuts.

After the beach, we got ourselves all gussied up and hit Edens' Grill for dinner in honor of Miss K's birthday.  As mentioned, I had pre-arranged a cake and when we showed up they had put balloons on the chairs and rose petals on the table.  Out of the two a la carte restaurants we only ended up eating at the grill the one night.  When they brought out the cake, it was.. well, interesting, to say the least.

First, I wrote down her name.  Second, I love how you can tell by the smeared chocolate that this was actually the second (or maybe third?) attempt at writing the message.  Guess what's getting sent to

We disco'd again that night, but all in all it was a fairly early evening.


  1. That's DEFINITELY a cakewrecks cake...also, I now have a strong desire to start yelling that I too have a monkeeeeeeeee!! (Found you via The Bloggesses comment page)

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  3. Oh for pete's sake. I swear I only posted that comment once...Blogger is just toying with me and trying to make me look dumb.

  4. No, worries, the second post has been removed.. thanks for reading! and yes, it does become compelling to yell about monkeys. I tell you, if I had a need for a monkey, stuffed or otherwise, i'd totally buy it from that dude.


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