Monday, February 18, 2008

On this holiday Monday...

To my Canadian (well, Ontarian) friends:

Happy "we-needed-a-day-of-in-february-so-dalton-mcguinty-made-up-this-random-holiday-dedicated-
to-something-we-should-be-celebrating-everyday-anyway-day" - You may know it better as 'Family day'.

To my American friends

Happy Presidents Day (I guess I could also say happy 'we-have-too-many-days-off-in-february-so-lets-just-amalgamate-them-all-into-one-day-day')

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Singleton’s guide to VD fun!

Things to do to make this day if not more enjoyable, at lease more interesting:

1) Scope out one of the busier nice restaurants. Look for a happy looking-couple. Say to the guy/girl 'So this is your sick grandmother!' and storm out. Watch through the window to see what happens.

2) Report a cherub to the child labor board.

3) Wear a black armband.

4) Make numerous references to the Valentines day massacre

5) Four words - custom made candy hearts. Photobucket

6) Rent 'Prom night' and 'my bloody valentine'

7) Canada Only: Run around wishing people a happy early Flag Day. It's even better if you wear red and white.

8) Call your best friend when you are pretty sure he/she is either about to/in the middle of getting some loving and just say 'Soooo, whatcha doooooin?'

9) Drink 26-40 oz of anything alchoholic you can get your hands on and listen to 'How Soon is Now?' seventeen times in a row. Not eighteen, not sixteen. Seventeen.

And yes. I am going to hell. My bags are packed baby.


Enjoy the VD, folks.