Thursday, July 9, 2009

The siege is over.

It's done. My children's room is clean. It's clean because I finished cleaning it, mind you. But my contribution to cleaning it was scooping up everything that was left on the floor and putting it in the laundry room downstairs, so it's all up for grabs for the other people in the building (more than likely that spooky family down the hall from me -- apparently their apartment is full of stuff gleaned from the laundry room).

So yeah, four grocery bags full of toys and clothes, and one of garbage. Did my kids bat an eye? Nope. Sigh. Oh well, if I do that enough times that it starts to seriously deplete their supply of toys, it'll start to matter to them. Either that or it will be a signal to me that I don't need to buy them quite so much stuff. 


Not only have they lost a bunch of toys, but a lot of their privileges have been taken away. I'm pretty sure there are prisoners in Guantanamo Bay who have more privileges than my kids do right now. No TV (that wasn't a punishment, we just don't have one right now), no computer, no treats, no colouring (not since Tierney coloured her pillow and wall).

yeah. Go motherhood.


Does anyone know a chinese, or arabic symbol for good health? Getting a tattoo probably next week, and I have a design picked out that incorporates a chinese symbol in it and the symbol in this is supposed to represent strength or power, which was cool when I designed it (right after the boy and I split) but I think health would be a better talisman for me now.


I'm reading a book called "Useful Idiots" which is a criticism of liberal views of the cold war. It's making want to gouge my eyes out for reading such a bunch of shit. But still I read on.