Sunday, June 18, 2006

Wow, I remember

Since I so rarely remember my dreams any more I wanted to get this one down.

I'm in a large hospital/school/industrial complex type place. I'm lying in a hospital bed, and there are a number of doctors and nurses attending to someone in a bed across from me, and no one can access the elevator. I have the distinct feeling that the person they are working on is dying, despite the fact that the doctors and nurses are laughing and carrying on as they work. Finally I leave my bed and, having given up on the elevator, I sneak out of a second door.

I've made my way to this lake which sits right outside the complex which is very large and foreboding on the outside. It has a look of an old-time insane asylum, the type you see in horror movies. The lake doubles as some kind of huge virtual reality shooting game and I have decided to skip to the final level. However I discover as targets pop up rapidly around me, that skipping levels was a bad idea, as I clearly lack the proper firearm for this particular level. My semi-automatic handgun does not have the rapid-fire capabilities necessary. Treading water, I laugh as I attempt to hit all the targets any way.

The water recedes to an image on my television, and I am in a living room with my dad, but I am under the impression that I am married to him, and I am pondering why I can't muster up any attraction to him. Then I clue in that he is my DAD, and laugh at my silliness. Then my ex-husband is in the room, my dad leaves, and the boy and I are discussing reasons why things didn't work out. I am speaking to him in a calm rational manner, and he is agreeing emphatically.

I am once again in the lake, in my clothes. My shirt is waterlogged, but for unknown reasons my pants are staying relatively dry. I swim out to a distant area of the lake, and encounter two young, somewhat awkward boys in their late teens floating on a water mattress, smoking a joint. They offer me some, but imagining myself trying to swim back to shore while stoned, I politely decline, and swim back to shore, with them following me.

Back in the complex which has taken on a mall-like appearance, I am going through the mall, stripping off my wet clothes as I go. Although I realize the risk I am taking wandering through the place like this, I'm not terribly concerned, nor do I feel exposed. I am more concerned with the fact that I am wet, than with the fact that I am now half naked. As I am wandering, trying to make my way back to my room to change, I run into Elsa a girl I used to work with, Patricia from school and my sister. Elsa is there as I rummage through a rack of clothing, picking out a pink chiffony type tank. I get into line to sign out my clothes, and my sister informs me that I seem to have some friends. the young guys from the lake are directly behind us in line.

I go to leave along with Nicky, and at this point I am exasperated and ask them to please move so I can leave, then side-mouth a comment about committing some violent act against these two (perhaps involving a large piece of wood with a nail stuck in it) in order to make them move. Nicky looks at me in shock and says "I didn't tell you that story did I?" She then proceeds to launch into an anecdote about her partying days. We somehow shift from topics to discussing That 70's Show and the characters we enjoyed. It is at this point I become acutely aware that I have the song "I am Anastasia" by Sponge stuck in my head, and have for quite a while now. I shout out some quotes from Caroline, Fez's crazy girlfriend, ending with "THIS...ISN'T... OVER" quite loudly. My giggles subside as I realize that I was indeed very loud and that people are looking at me with concern. I blush and walk on as though nothing has happened.

We pass through a door, and as I am jumping down a couple of large embankments, that have some rusted metal holding them up, I comment on how the show went to hell after Topher Grace left. I look around realizing Nicky is no longer with me.

Then I woke up. I go back to bed now.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Hazard to myself

Hit the Big city of T.O. today, so I could attend the family reunion committee meeting for planning the Campbell reunion. This is year number 78. I got voted in for V.P. which means I show up and look pretty. No, just kidding, I have to go hunting for the next couple of months for raffle prizes, preferably Campbell or Scotland related then sell raffle tickies at the reunion. I'm also gonna look into setting up some kind of campbell reunion website for birth announcements, stuff like that, try to attract more numbers to future reunions, also to gather information to possibly put out a 2nd edition of the Campbell book, considering the old one is only updated to 1982.

Had fun trying to navigate my way from my SIL's place to Aunt Clara's, the first time I have been in downtown Toronto since I got my license. Only ran one red, and wound up wrong way on a one way street at one point.

See some funny shit in the city. Saw a restaurant called the "Love Cafe" and there was a sign out from hawking "Juicy Sexy Burgers". Funniest friggin' thing I have ever seen.

It was unnerving all the honking, what with the World Cup fever going on. It took me a while before I realized it wasn't people honking at my driving.

I saw the real Degrassi street. When I go down there in two weeks I wanna go back and get my pic taken under the street sign. Gawd, I'm such a hick.

I'm ass-tired now, gonna go to bed, later.

More earth shattering (mostly rhetorical) questions

Does wanting to knock my children's heads together make me a bad mother?

How come when you wipe up oatmeal with a dishcloth, no matter how many times you rinse it out, it continues to be slimy until the next laundry day?

Why do I feel like I am being ignored by an entire gender?


Why is there a cosmic force hell bent on screwing me financially at every turn? was I a swindler in my past life and this is Karma doing her part to kick me in the box?


Question of the day is...

Can somebody please tell me why Dave Mustaine is on Duck Dodgers? Yes, THAT Dave Mustaine. From Megadeth. On Duck Dodgers in the 24th and a half century.

Am I the only one who finds that bizarre? Of all the possible obscure celebrity guests imaginable they pick.... Dave Mustaine? For a children's show? What's next? Is Axl gonna do a guest spot on Sesame Street?

I think this is gonna be a weird day.


So, once again, my car has become my hair-shirt. Coming home yesterday, car is getting all wobbly around the 40k mark, and doesn't seem to want to accelerate much at all. Take it to the wee little gas station in Apto and the general 'hanging around the gas station' consensus is...

Catalytic Converter. No gauges came on, and my transmission fluid, coolant and oil were all up to snuff, and water in the gas tank was ruled out.

Soooo today I am gonna call around to car parts dealers to get an idea how much this shite is gonna run me, if that indeed is what it is. Gonna try to avoid driving anywhere until I get it fixed on Monday.


Oh yeah, my top two wisdom teeth have gotta come out. Gonna run around 1100 bucks. Gah. Between that and the car, I'm thinking there's some cosmic force, some money god, that does NOT want me to go to Nova Scotia this summer.

Well Screw you Cosmic Forces! (whoooo, THAT was probably not the brightest thing I could have said.)


Some bright news in the financial department though, I got an email saying there was a cheque waiting for me in the financial aid office, one that I was totally not expecting, I think now that it's an extension on the Canada Study Grant (maybe from the strike).

600 bucks. I love random, out-of-nowhere money.

And 'Harper's hundreds' start next month I think, so that'll be an extra 200 bucks a month that I can put straight into savings. 

Scrapping the National Daycare plan and implementing a childcare allowance in it's place?
Bad for the country, but fucking AWESOME FOR ME! (still think Harper is an idiot for scrapping the plan, but who am I to turn down 200 bucks a month?) Feel kind of bad for those people who's kids are on waiting lists still.


Nineteen more sleeps until Melissa is Here!! WHEEE!


Next weekend is gonna be frickin' crazy. Gotta write a final on friday in Sociology of Aging (got my presentation done for that class, I hate public speaking), then I am driving down to Toronto, meeting my friend Simon who I haven't seen for 9 years for a drink, then meeting Sam and Ian at Ian's place so we can do the Pride Day Bar Crawl. I have been informed to be prepared to see some fucked up shit. 

Yay Pride day.

THEN, the next day, Me, Sam, Ian and Ian's cat are driving out to Harriston (about 2 hour drive) to attend a bush party. 

Then it's getting everyone home again on Sunday. Whoa eh?

Anyway, so that's me at the moment. Craziness.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Please don't poke the bear.

Fuck, am I ever in a foul mood today. It's seems like the kids have done nothing but whine all day (I'm trying to get them to take a nap but thus far it's not working).

My love life is in the fucking shitter. More accurately, it's in those big fucking toxic waste barrels buried under the fucking Love Canal, and is too busy giving little children chemical burns to bother sending a little lovin' my way. GAH FUCK.

Not to mention stupid online drama. What a bunch of bullshit. 

I would seriously garrote someone or shove icepicks under their fingernails for a goddamned cigarette right now.

And yes. I'm 25 and reading Harriet the Spy. I'm full of fucking child-like wonder OKAY??


It seems I've been giving out the wrong cell number for the past two weeks.  Durr.  Incidentally, it turns out that the guy that's been getting my calls went to school with my dad.  Small world eh?

My children are odd.  The oldest was singing "The twelve days of christmas" Today.  More bizarrely, yesterday was "Hava Nagila".  I'm still wondering where she picked that up.  They're funny as hell.  As it turns out, Tierney hasn't been sleeping well, so that explains some of the crankiness on the part of both children, since I can assume if Tierney is up, then so is Reegs.  I feel pretty bad now, but we had a nice cuddle and talk this morning, so I think next week will be a better week.  I love those kids, sometimes I wish I was more maternal though.

I'm sitting in the Library at school, trying to decide on what to do tonight.  Think I am supposed to be watching a movie once the library closes.