Sunday, April 30, 2006

"...I bite my tongue, and swallow pride and blood"

Hmm. My daughter asked me a tough question today.

"Mommy, do you love Daddy? Like for Marrying?" Truthfully? Fuck, No. Am I gonna be that blunt with my 4-year-old? No.

However, somehow "I have a healthy respect for your father" doesn't cut it with kindergarteners. Probably has to do with that whole not being able to grasp respect as a concept at that age thing.

So I went with "I always will a tiny bit, because he's your daddy, but no I don't love him like married people. That's [his GF]'s job now."

That seemed to satisfy her.

Gotta love the tough questions. I have a feeling this will be the first of many over the years.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My daughter, the homeovestite.

Homeovestite (def.): a person who dresses and acts to seem exactly like the stereotype of their gender because they are scared to admit that there are any parts of them which don't fit the stereotype

So my oldest had an accident at my sisters house today (yeah, one day she's gonna find out that I wrote about her peeing herself on the internet and want to kill me, I know) and ended up throwing a shit fit when we told her to wear some of Eric's pants. She was screaming and crying "I don't wanna wear BOY'S PANTS!!" like her wearing them was going to cause western civilization as we know it to crumble.

I found this really bizarre considering I put at least a bit of effort into trying not to genderize my kids too much. Yes, they play with barbies, but they also play with trucks and stuff too. I make a point not to label things as 'boy toys' or 'girl toys'. Yeah so it was pretty bizarre, her reaction. Oh well, she was fine by the time we got home.

Gonna be up early tomorrow I bet. Reegs fell asleep before 7pm. Didn't even have dinner.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

this is not hell...

...this is purgatory. I'm officially in education limbo. Kind of likin' it, but I have a whole week and a half stretched out in front of me, and I don't know what I am gonna do with myself!

One thing, I can take ridiculous pictures of myself with my new Digital camera! Filed my tax return and got more back than I expected so I splurged. I need new pics of the girls, and a new display pic. My sexy bitch pic is getting old.

Got my marks back for Family Soc. 92% *gasp* on the final and 79% overall. 

78% on my date rape paper for Adolescent and Society. Not too shabby! Now just to get my mark back for the exam, and my marks for Stats and for Media and culture then I will happy.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I think I took a wrong turn at Albequerque.

A testament to what a fucking tool I am sometimes. 

I had some extra time this morning before class, so I decided to go exploring on my way.  I saw what looked like an interesting little unmarked dirt-road.

As I drove I noticed all the road signs were really tiny.

I'm on a snowmobile trail.  Good thing there are no snowmobiles around.

As the path turned from gravel, to dirt, to a grassy path, I started to think maybe I wasn't going to come out at a road. Plus things were getting bumpy, and I was far enough into the sticks that there was still snow on the ground in places.

Let me tell you, 'off-roading' and '1991 Sunbird' are two words that should never be spoken in the same sentence.

After a nice little 27-point turn on the cowpath, I decided maybe I should stick to the main roads.  For today anyway.

Exploring is FUN!


Last Exam today!

Got a cool 80 on my family sociology paper, gonna pass that class for sure!

Guys suck, what else is new. some of them need to just get the fuck over themselves.

My buddy Eric hooked me on Funny ass college humour comic strip.

Weather sucks, but hey, it's not snowing.

MELISSA IS COMING UP IN JULY!! W00t! It's been like two years since I've seen that girl!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The chicken wings of mass destruction.

So it seems (as I have been informed by my sister and Cromsie) that next Tuesday marks the one-year anniversary to when our house was gutted by fire. Can't believe I forgot.

I think we all still carry some guilt for that day. All of us for agreeing that deep frying in a pot on the stove sounded like a good idea (HA!) Croms, obviously, as she was cooking. Nicky for suggesting chicken wings and me for not saying "FUCK YOU GUYS! I HATE CHICKEN WINGS"

Yup, if I had a little more backbone, we'd may have had a little less flamage.

Anyhoo, we're gonna commemorate the occasion by going for Pizza and chicken wings. The wings to symbolize the thing that started it all, and pizza to symbolize what we should have had for dinner that night.

In other news, I have one more section of my stats paper, then one paper after that. It's almost over.

Oh yeah, and I think I believe in love at first sight now. Or at the very least, lust.

Thursday, April 6, 2006

people suck balls. part 3

I had to take my pics of the girls down from here [MySpace] because some guy in the L&R forum made a comment and incorporate Tee's pic into it. It wasn't horribly creepy, just mildly insulting, but still, it's my fucking kid.

Say whatever you want about me, but leave my children out of it. I reported the guy to the mods, hopefully they will delete that thread, and his profile. I also checked the tags to make the image link didn't come from something like Photobucket or that shit. 

Assignment crunch time. the stress caffeine and lack of sleep have been getting to me. I'm fucking wired.