Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The chicken wings of mass destruction.

So it seems (as I have been informed by my sister and Cromsie) that next Tuesday marks the one-year anniversary to when our house was gutted by fire. Can't believe I forgot.

I think we all still carry some guilt for that day. All of us for agreeing that deep frying in a pot on the stove sounded like a good idea (HA!) Croms, obviously, as she was cooking. Nicky for suggesting chicken wings and me for not saying "FUCK YOU GUYS! I HATE CHICKEN WINGS"

Yup, if I had a little more backbone, we'd may have had a little less flamage.

Anyhoo, we're gonna commemorate the occasion by going for Pizza and chicken wings. The wings to symbolize the thing that started it all, and pizza to symbolize what we should have had for dinner that night.

In other news, I have one more section of my stats paper, then one paper after that. It's almost over.

Oh yeah, and I think I believe in love at first sight now. Or at the very least, lust.

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