Sunday, May 28, 2006

We are now entering hour 37 of the standoff...

Cripes, my kids are stubborn. I told them yesterday that if their room didn't get cleaned we wouldn't go outside. They were in there until bedtime, not cleaning. So I said "then you're going to get up tomorrow, and same deal, no playtime until it's done." So it's nap time and although there has been a significant improvement, it's still not done. But they need naps so they can keep up the strength of protest I suppose. 

So, Friday before last my brakes on my car were starting to fail, fortunately I had made a good judgement call and took the car to the mechanic instead of attempting the trip to Barrie, which was good because by the time I got to the shop they were all but giving out on me *PHEW*. So that was another 300 bucks to get fixed, needed read brake lines, new calipers, and some rod was broken.

Went to a party in Barrie saturday night at a friend of a friends place, which eventually ended up downtown for Promenade days (read: bars with no cover). Jenny, Bob and Jorge left me in Fitzys after I decided to take a little nap in the bathroom (gah, embarassing, first and last time I ever do THAT!). Some little Greek guy had been hitting on me so they assumed that I had taken off with him. Nope I had decided to cozy up to the porcelain God instead. Damnable vodka shots. I need to remember what a friggin' lightweight I am.

We had Tierney's birthday party on the Monday, which went well, no casualties, although I did manage to lock the keys to the common room in the common kitchen, then lock myself out of the building when I went to look for the super. Instead of doing the logical thing and getting one of the other adults to buzz me in, I knock on my friend Sue's door (she has a walk-out) and get her to let me in.

Another thing that was fortunate was that there wasn't total awkwardness, considering the baby-daddy and his GF were there, as well as my whole family, including the grandmothers. It was the first time they had all been together in over 3 and a half years. Thankfully for the sake of the girls we all know how to be civil, even *gasp* friendly with each other.

Went and got my hair cut and coloured yesterday, it's red on top and dark dark brown underneath, the cut is just a trim. I am seriously going to make an effort to keep up with the upkeep. I splurged (as if a professional colour wasn't splurging enough) on some salon shampoo and conditioner, since my hair is dead as fuck. I was gonna get blue instead of red, but that would involve bleaching and (am I ever glad they checked) since I had been using Thermasilk I ran the risk of frying my hair the second they put the bleach on. I'm talking, my head would have started smoking. Crazy. THAT would have been upsetting.

I started working on a collage of my closest friends last night, I'm looking forward to seeing how that turns out. Not much else to report.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Evil. EVIL.

There is a little Mexican girl in my trunk.

Her name is Dora and she hangs out with a monkey named after footwear.

On Monday I plan to let her out. Catch is, is that afterwards I am going to hang her from the ceiling and let a half-dozen sugar-shocked midgets beat her with a large piece of dowelling until her innards spill out.

Children's birthdays are such fun.

P.S. before those of you that need it spelled out go running to the police, I am referring to a pinata, dumbass.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Tow truck? More like SLOW TRUCK

I hate my fucking car. Still love the interior (what with the nifty makeover) but otherwise it is a fawking PIECE OF SHITE.

Went to Grandma Ruth's today. Battery light came on about 3/4 of the way there. Car died about 3/4 of the way back.

120 bucks for a tow to my mechanic in Penetang. Would have been cheaper to tow it to Barrie (From Horseshoe Valley rd.) but more of a headache... finding a mechanic, getting home (or finding somewhere for me and the girls to stay) then getting the car monday or whenever it's fixed. Yup, better to shell out the cash, than to deal with all that.

Fucking car. I'm feeling isolated already. Stupid automotive industry.

On the bright side, we had a really nice visit with Grandma, chatted, had dinner I beat her twice at cribbage. She asks me "don't you feel bad for beating your grandmother?" To which I replied "No, because it's not like you're frail or feebleminded. The day I start to feel bad about beating you is the day you need to start worrying about your age. I have a difficult time believing she's only a few years shy of 80, but it's true.

Tomorrow is mothers day. Happy mothers day, moms.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

"You're Comparing Apples to Baby Wolverines..."

It's official, I love Chuck Klosterman. He fawking ROCKS.

Redid my car roof yesterday, it looks fucking awesome. I took down the old blue stuff, (inhaling vast amounts of fibreglass dust in the process) and replaced it with a big black skull and crossbones flag. The problem being, that the flag was not wide enough to cover all of the ceiling. So what I did was, covered the bare strips down the side with a pink leopard pattern material, and did a border between the two with antique-y looking upholstery tacks. Like I said, looks awesome. Imma try to take some pics of it and post them.

I have a crush on the cart guy at Walmart. Known him for years. Was cute in grade 8, is still cute now.

Oh yeah, and I've changed my profile song. Don't worry Scott, I'll promote you some more down the line, but I gotta spread the love around. I'm playing LYE now, a band featuring Brett Carruthers, a guy I went to high school with... and in case there was any doubt, he is NOT dead. just to clarify that.