Monday, October 10, 2011

Week one, it's where we've begun...

So, I guess I have to create a new label for weight-loss updates, since neither Weight Watchers or Wednesday is accurate now?  MFP Mondays? I suppose that works.

Did my first weigh-in this morning and I'm down 3 (possibly 4) pounds.  It's hard to tell with the analog scale I have, so I'm going to err on the side of caution and say it was only 3.  I'm going to try and get my hands on a digital scale so readings will be more accurate.

I've been blogging at the My Fitness Pal site, rather than flood this blog with diet-and-excercise related posts, but I'll link to my posts there when I do my updates.  I'm not sure if you can comment there without being a member, so maybe I'll say eff it and cross-post here as well.  I just don't want to bore people with menus and complaints about lack of progress and such.  That's not all I'm posting, however.  I also plan to blog about fat acceptance and conversely, fat-hate and shaming in society.

Here are the posts from this week:

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"Honesty is the Best Policy" and other myths

The Weekend Trap

Everybody is Stuffed On Turkey But Me.  I Had a Sandwich.

So I need opinions... should I cross post here and not worry about this becoming a 'diet blog' or just do like this and post links so as not to clutter up the people's feeds?


  1. I'm a new reader, and I'd rather just see your weight loss stuff here. But what do I know? I'm also trying to lose weight. I need to shed about 20 pounds. Had a baby 10 months ago. I lost all the baby weight right away, but was already 20 pounds overweight when I got pregnant.

  2. I recommend cross posting. I assume you infuse those posts with your brand of humor, so it would fit here, right? Besides, I am super lazy but also really curious so I would appreciate not having to click multiple links. Gimme your words! Your precious words!

  3. Good going. Keep it up!!!

  4. It's your blog - post what ya want.

  5. I think that I'd enjoy reading those posts here.

  6. So I've had one vote (outside of the comments) for a weekly up-date, and three votes for cross-posting. The 'Ayes' have it.

  7. I vote update, but only if you want ot.

    I'm cheering for you. Best wishes, Andie.

  8. Yup just keep a post clutter free. Keep this one as your health post and put the rest of your stuff in order. Less confusing for us too :)

  9. It's your blog so you can do whatever you want, but there is a diet blog here:

    That would love it if you would cross post there!


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