Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

Well Happy New years! The boy and his GF decided to take the girls so I am going out. Apparently I am being shanghaied to a party in Lafontaine by Dan, Nic and Matt. Woot! Bakefest part two. Which is probably all I can do. I have been informed that I may have a kidney stone, so drinking = probably not a good idea.

I'm in a bit of pain, its all good. Got some painkillers (which is another good reason to lay off the booze tonight)

Anyhoo, I'm out!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Winding Down

So I have no children for new years this year, so I need to find me something (something CHEAP) to do. So, yeah. I know of A party, but as far as whether I am invited or not, I need clarification.

Monday, December 26, 2005


Man. Memory Foam is the SHIT. Like a giant orgasm in mattress form.  Nic, you're a fuckin' rock star, man.

Friday, December 23, 2005

"You'll shoot your eye out kid" Xmas presents.

Officially done my xmas shopping, with a full day and a half to spare.

I'll never understand people that spend like six or seven hundred dollars on their kids at Christmas. I spent about two hundred bucks between the girls and they are getting a fair haul. The weirdest thing is, is the people I see spending a lot on their kids are usually people who can't afford it. If you don't go overboard on your kids, they won't expect a lot every year. Every year as a kid I got told the same thing... "Money is tight so don't expect a lot this year" and come Christmas morning it always seemed like a ton of stuff. I don't know if my parents planned to keep it small and got carried away, or if their and my ideas of "not a lot" were different. I don't know. But either way, I don't ever remember anyone in my family ever complaining about what they received for xmas. Gifts were accepted graciously, and if there was an issue with a gift, it was addressed in a polite manner to the giver after all the gifts were open.

I also don't get people who freak out about not being able to get THE toy for their kid. Smaller kids don't really know the difference, and older kids, if it's that life-altering that they HAVE to have it, get a paper-route, rake and mow, shovel driveways etc, and earn the money to get it yourself. A little food for thought for all those people fighting like savages for an Xbox 360. As for the kids, they should be happy to get anything at all. 

 Now SMILE when you open those socks. 

and say thank you.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hit like a Mac Truck.

My kid has a Christmas concert tomorrow morning. Holy christ, I AM a parent. Wow. Doing all that parent-y stuff like going school concerts and stuff.

What she's typed will be a window to her madness...

Feelin' fine.

Monday, December 19, 2005


I'm happy. I am just in a very good place right now. And, no, thats not influenced by any substance. Just feeling really good about stuff and things and junk. :-)


Okay, This morning I cried at Finding Nemo... Again.

I'm such a sap.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

P-Tang, she's a thriving metropolis

Well it was a hoppin' night at the Penetang Tim Hortons. There were actually quite a few people there. That must depress the hell out of the lone bar owner in Pen, that the Tim Hortons is the place to be on a Friday night. Went out and did my Christmas card rounds to the Penetang gang, twas a good time. Dan and I stopped by Alex's for a bit, then took a detour on the way to drop Dan off so I could get gas, as "Lurch" as I have dubbed my car (thanks for the suggestions though, folks!) had informed me that I was in need of refueling by doing just that... lurching. We don need no steenkin' fuel light! Then we took an even bigger detour back into P-tang, since I didn't feel like getting stopped by the RIDE program at 93 and Vinden twice. Although I make it a rule to avoid engaging in illegal activity, on-duty cops make me nervous, as though I may unwittingly be committing an illegal act. On the way home stopped to help some people in a ditch, but the car was empty and its occupants long gone.

Road tripping to Elmira with the Sib tomorrow, her best friend is having a party so we are off to surprise her. Should be a blast.

Anyway, I'm out.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

More fun than a well oiled midget

First off, let me say thanks for the support on my little crisis yesterday. The thing is, I was not so much worried about trying to BE something I am not, as I was concerned about appearing to be something I am not, which is completely psycho. The crisis haws been averted as I, on the advice of a good friend, decided to just suck up the embarrassment and explain myself. Reaction was very sweet, very understanding and very amused. Life is good.


So stats exam was yesterday and as it was the last exam Sam and I had made plans to go out and party afterwards. Ended up getting invited by some people (jeff and shelby) from stats to go out to 55 Special, as it was 7.50 pitcher night. Pitchers are not good. They make it very hard to keep track of your consumption. So after the exam we worked out who was going to do what driving, eventually deciding that I would drive there and we would suck it up and pay for the cab back to Sam's place, thus eliminating the need for a DD.  We picked up Richard, headed over to Shelby's place, sat around and talked hockey and cars, then we piled into the vehicles of two of the guys who were there, (unfortunately their names escape me) and headed to 55. I haven't been to that place since I was 15, for Nicky's baby shower when she had Randy. It was pretty packed, with a surprisingly large amount of young people despite its reputation as a cougar bar. The DJ, Kevin, who is a sweet heart, was playing some awesome music and I was in a dancing mood and looking pretty hot to boot. Curse you Sam, once again for forgetting the camera *shaking fist* as we were all looking pretty damn hot. Met some a couple of fun but reallllly drunk guys (okay I can't point any fingers) outside, one of whom got a real kick out of the Ramones shirt I was wearing, and the other who kept making stuff up, then the other guy kept calling him on it. Danced my BUTT OFF which was great! 

SO, then Sam gets kicked out of the bar, so we said (Rich and I) we would go with but as it was only 12:30, I was so NOT ready to go home yet. So we headed over to Fitzys downtown, which is my NEW FAVOURITE BAR IN THE WORLD! Had a Blast there, great music, haven't been to a bar that will play hard rock and punk and stuff in forever. Got groped by a random stranger and had to get all passive aggressive on his ass, conversation (as much as I can remember) went kind of like this:

RANDOM DRUNK GUY (RDG): How you doing? what you up to?
ME: Hanging out, just having a good time
RDG: wanna take off? go somewhere?
ME: Nah, thanks I'm sharing a cab with my friends here (gesturing to Sam and Rich who are ensconced in a rousing game of video poker)
RDG (as is trying to grab my ass): I'll share a cab with you (something unintelligible). Come on lets take off
ME: I'm fine here thanks, having too much fun.
RDG: oh come on (more unitellible stuff)
ME: I'm FINE right HERE. THANKS. In FACT, I'll be better over THERE. (I walk away exasperated) Yeah, Fitzy's is kind of a blur.  I remember talking to Ryan from history last year, and Nathan from stats and at one point I kissed this guy Curtis, a ex of one of my friends. Yeah, I felt bad about that. Crashed at Sam's, fell asleep pretty much as soon as I hit the floor. Caught about 10 minutes of Desperate Housewives before I crashed. 

SO that was my night last night, it was a friggin BLAST.

Slept until noon today, then picked the girls up, stopping for groceries on the way. Saw Steve Miller (no, NOT of the Steve Miller Band) Kind of waved, and he looked at me like I was just some random freak on the street. Not cool, those of you who know me well know why, and I don't really wanna go into it. Blech. But OH WELL, good things are on the horizon for me, I feel pretty secure in that.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Gonna get all vague on ya again

Frig, Frig, Friggity FRIG!

What the hell is WRONG With ME?? WHY AM I SABOTAGING MYSELF???

SO yeah, a couple of blogs ago I was all self-pitying and stuff thinking that I had scared off "he-who-shall-remain-nameless-for-the-time-being" by just being plain WEIRD. Because I am good at that. being weird that is. Well anyway, I guess I was being paranoid or something he's talking to me again. Chalk it up to the fact that people get busy, right? Right. so its all good, and I can once again work up my nerve to ask for some sort of coffee date or something right, which I would have done were it not for lack of time last time we spoke. So all is right with the world again.


Now I have done something that is just so RIDICULOUS that he's gonna end up thinking I am not only WEIRD, but some kind of disorganized schizophrenic (that's an actual type of schizophrenic, it doesn't mean schizophrenic in need of a day planner). A harmless one mind you, but he's gonna think I seriously need some psychiatric help, possibly medication as well.

I'm not gonna get into the nitty-gritty details in order to protect the innocent (i.e. ME) but lets just say once again, I thought i was being funny, and in light of new details I have learned, my attempt at humour is going to sound like I am just completely insane.


I have no idea how to make things right.

oh yeah, did I mention .... FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

All is well... well as far as fish-related things go.

Otto is okay. Yes, apparently it WAS too cold by the window, because now he is on the back of the stove and active as ever. And I will be sure to move him to another part of the counter when I am cooking LOL. Man. that was close. How shitty would I have felt if I had killed my kid's FISH? well, probably as shitty as I did the last time that happened. Go with God, Nate.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Otto can you hear me?

Something is wrong with my fish. I think he may be dying. He's not belly up, but he's not moving, gave him food, tapped his bowl.. Nothing. I'm thinking that once winter came that the windowsill may not have been the best place for Otto. I have moved him to the back of the stove, and we'll see how he is in the morning.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Well Election time is coming around again, thanks to that little vote last month.

I am not impressed with my choices.

Conservative? Can't say I really like what they stand for as a party. Harper is still going on about gay marriage, like one guy can put a stop to it, and who cares anyway...? Let them get married, it's not hurting anyone. Conservatives are also promising to cut back the GST. Yeah, like we haven't heard that before.

Bloq. Um.... NO.

NDP. I really really like their platform. But Jack Layton makes me want to stick something sharp in my eye. I was totally ready to vote for them last election, up until I watched the televised debate. He did not impress me in the least.

Liberal... Nope. can't do it.just can't They need out.

 So I will probably take my vote this year and Vote Green again. You know, I sometimes wonder... if enough people get confused and angry and just say "fuckit! I am voting green..."

No. I can't think like that.

Voting for the Green Party is kind of like asking Santa Claus for a pony for Christmas.. You figure you might as well try, but you know theres hardly a hope in hell of it actually happening.

Can I add that I have very little background in political science, and if anyone has issue with what I have said here or feels the need to correct me on something, have at 'er. Let me know where I have messed up. I have never claimed to be any sort of a pundit.

Tell me I'm pretty.

Well I may have been wrong about that thing I wrote earlier about possibly having an admirer. Or I may have been right but scared him off with my fucked up sense of humour. Fuck. I really need to remember in the future that not everybody is familiar with my particular brand of humour. I can't just immediately joke with everyone like I do my closest friends, no matter how comfortable I may feel talking to a particular person. Even if I do feel an immediate rapport with someone, I still may need to ease them into the dark twisted humour that is mine... because instead of coming across as funny I may just come across like some kind of disorganized schizophrenic.


It's too bad. I don't know maybe there is some other explanation for the lack of communication, like just plain busy. I could initiate a conversation but then there is the possibility of "Oh its that WEIRD girl talking to me again (rolling eyes rolling eyes)." Meh.

And no. it had nothing to do with baby-killing jokes. I don't make those, I just happen to associate with some sick fuckers who do. yeah you guys know who you are...

Friday, December 9, 2005

That crazy urge

It's getting closer to Christmas. and I am *almost* done my shopping. I have to buy my kids stuff, but as far as the rest of my friends and family go, I am almost done. Except for my Grandma. Not sure what to get her. My Nanny, who is usually incredibly difficult to buy for, I got done really early this year as I stumbled across a really awesome gift that pertains to a little show she likes... I won't tell you which one, but it rhymes with More Nation Treat. 

Grandma Ruth on the other hand generally is very easy to buy for. Something decorative or something that says Grandma on it, usually does it. But it feels cheap to go for the sentimental year after year. Last year I got her a toaster, and it was good. The old one was about 80+ years old and screamed when the toast was done. This year I seem to be at a loss. That's when I start getting ideas of things for people that are totally quirky or totally unexpected. Example of quirky, I got the guy I was seeing in the summer personalized pens and silly string for his birthday... it was a hit. 


So I am browsing through Walmart today, the sporting good section. G. Ruth is a pretty adventurous lady, she's one of those grandmas that hangs out at the Legion and goes on cruises and trips with her friends. A social butterfly. 

I saw it. The most unexpected, adventurous present I could think of.


Oh, it was sweet. I envisioned my grandma running through various obstacles and dodging paintball pellets. Then I reached up...

...and slapped myself in the face. How stupid am I? A FRIGGIN' PAINTBALL SET?? Then I walked away.

So, I still have to buy for my Grandma. 

yeah so that was pretty pointless eh?

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Girly Crush of the Month #1

I'm totally stealing this idea from JANE magazine but do I care? HELLS NO. SO here is my first monthly Girly Crush of the month.

BRODY DALLE of the Distillers. I seriously friggin' want to be this woman. 

GAH! How could you not?