Friday, January 26, 2007

'Bury Me at the Hundreth Meridian' or 'I wanna have dirty monkey sex with Gord Downie'

A friend tonight asked me how the Tragically Hip concert went, and that was the best response I could come up with. Oh. My. God.

14 years of waiting to see this band, and it was all I could have expected it to be. Absolutely incredible. At one point during the encore, all I could do was stand there with my Jaw Dropped.

Did I mention I want to have dirty monkey sex with Gordon Downie? The man is brutal erocticism personified, without seeming to try he's incredibly sexy, imo, on the other hand really goofy at times... At one point he grabbed the mic stand and did a sort of Warner Brothers Frog dance. He performs like a lunatic, so it's not a stretch to imagine that the guy is probably a freak in other respects, wink wink nugde nugde.

They played quite a few older songs, plus some ones off the new CD World Container, which upon hearing them, I decided it was imperative that I purchase the CD ASAP. sweet hip goodness.

As far as I remember the sets, they played (and this is by no means in proper order)

The Lonely end of the Rink
Fully Completely
Springtime in Vienna
Gus the Polar Bear from Central Park
At the Hundreth Meridian (omg... nearly came during this song)
Yer not the Ocean
Three Pistols
Wheat Kings
Fiddlers Green
Ahead by a Century
Blow at High Dough
The Kids Don't Get it

There were other songs too, but I don't remember at this point. So tired. They did come out and do an encore of the Clash's Train in Vain, a song I didn't know, and finished off with On the Verge. It was during Johnnys drumming at teh end that my mouth just hit the floor.

Anyway, I had pretty good seats, 16th row ground seats, so I got some decent pictures. My Camera, however, is SHIT, so they are not great quality.

The band, doing their thing

Gord Sinclair and Rob Baker.  This is the only decent pic of Rob I managed to get... he hides in Shadows.

Paul Langlois and Gord Downie

I so want to do this man.  Many many times.  With youthful abandon.

Gord, larger than life.  Did I mention how much I would like to molest him?

Paul and Gord again.

The compulsory over priced concert T-shirt.  Awe at it's T-shirty goodness.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Sesame street causes repressed memories to surface.

I have a love hate relationship with Sesame Street. I'm in love with the concept of Sesame Street. You ask me, 'Andie, what is the greatest preschool television series ever produced?' And I will usually say Blues Clues. That's just because I have a thing for Steve Burns. Call it a geek/male pattern baldness fetish.

My other choice, will undoubtedly be Sesame Street, especially any expisodes up until, say, I don't know... 1992. I stand by my arbitrary decision.

On the other hand, upon watching old clips of the show, there are sketches that just creeped the fuck out of me....

For instance, I remember having nightmares about this clip

Why? I don't know. I think it's the little mini-me bert thing. In my dream, it was a vampire, and killed Ernie before slipping down the drain.

More examples...

It's the last two minutes of this clip I find bothersome... I mean... HE TAKES BERTS NOSE RIGHT OFF HIS FACE?? OFF his FACE!

There are others... the trip to egypt, where ernie sings the Rubber Ducky song with a preserved CORPSE...

Thanks to Xenedra for digging this clip up.

The clip on the letter h, with the weird Outer Limits TV glowing and moaning 'Ech.... Ech... (that's how I imagine you would spell the sound of a hard 'H')" And Ernie reaches right into the screen... *shudders*

In honesty, and maybe this is because I don't want to believe that I am the only freak who thinks this way, I think everyone who watched sesame street as a kid was a *little* scared of some aspect of that show... My sister once confessed to being petrified of the aliens who came down and spoke in that weird dialect

"yyyyyipyipyipyipyip uh huh uh huh yyyyyyiiiiiipyipyipyip''

So... this begs the question? Was it just Bert and Ernie? Am I really just a lone freak with too much time on her hands? Were the crew of Sesame street just a tad sadistic, much like the screenwriters who came up with the boat scene in the 1970's adaptation of Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory?

Is it maybe childrens television programming as a whole, that requires one to be a little twisted, as a sure way to hold a child's attention is to scare em' even if just a tiny bit... make them question the world around them.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Uncle Steve...

... was not my real uncle, but I was closer to him than either my mom or dads brother(s). My heart goes out to everyone he left behind, Auntie Lyn, his children and grandchildren. I suppose even God didn't want to see him suffer.

We'll miss you Uncle Heabie. :'(

Monday, January 15, 2007

Dare to compare.

This picture, drawn by my oldest, hangs on the cupboard of my computer desk.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Nice picture right? A little stick man, and a little stick woman right? Oh no, it's more than that. It's a crayon rendering of Holly Hunter and Robert Downey Jr in a scene from Home for the Holidays.

Oh yeah.

For a stick person, it's a pretty good resemblance, especially of RDJ, I think.

Well, look for yourself...

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With that, I may also add. My kid is weird. But she comes by it honestly.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Grandma take me home

So I was the big joke at my Grandma's this weekend, because I'm a little dim sometimes.

Here's the story:

My mom and grandma Ruth both have birthdays right after Christmas, so when thinking up Xmas gifts we've always gotta save ideas for the birthdays as well. Back before Xmas the sister was asking me for ideas for Grandma, and I, being helpful, tell her that Grandma needs pots, because hers date back to the Early Iron age. So Nicky goes and picks her up a nice set of pots on the way up to her place this weekend.

We get there and mom comes out and tells Nicky that Grandma's got a new set of pots already. So we tell Grandma that we're going to go into town. Of course, we have just gotten there, so she wants to know why we're going into town.

Nicky: I'm gonna be honest with you. I thought I had picked out the perfect gift for you, but it turns out it's the last thing you could possibly need

G-Ruth: Oh don't worry about it

Nicky: No, I want to get you something. I had gotten you a set of pots but it turns out you have new ones? Who the hell got you pots?

G-Ruth: I got them last Christmas from my other granddaughter.

Yup. I'm an idiot. I told nicky to get grandma the pots, forgetting that I had gotten her some last year. I thought I had gotten her a toaster. Nope, turns out that was the year before. Her old toaster used to scream at you when the toast was done.

To add insult to injury, during a disgusting emo moment of mine, I had complained to my mom that x-mas made me realize that nobody in my family knows me. Otherwise, why would I have gotten two griddles when 1) I hate to cook and 2) my own mother had gotten me one the year before.

So now I am a hypocrite as well as an idiot. This was the source of much amusement for the weekend. A story that even got told to customer service at the store when Nicky returned said pot set.

Good times