Friday, January 26, 2007

'Bury Me at the Hundreth Meridian' or 'I wanna have dirty monkey sex with Gord Downie'

A friend tonight asked me how the Tragically Hip concert went, and that was the best response I could come up with. Oh. My. God.

14 years of waiting to see this band, and it was all I could have expected it to be. Absolutely incredible. At one point during the encore, all I could do was stand there with my Jaw Dropped.

Did I mention I want to have dirty monkey sex with Gordon Downie? The man is brutal erocticism personified, without seeming to try he's incredibly sexy, imo, on the other hand really goofy at times... At one point he grabbed the mic stand and did a sort of Warner Brothers Frog dance. He performs like a lunatic, so it's not a stretch to imagine that the guy is probably a freak in other respects, wink wink nugde nugde.

They played quite a few older songs, plus some ones off the new CD World Container, which upon hearing them, I decided it was imperative that I purchase the CD ASAP. sweet hip goodness.

As far as I remember the sets, they played (and this is by no means in proper order)

The Lonely end of the Rink
Fully Completely
Springtime in Vienna
Gus the Polar Bear from Central Park
At the Hundreth Meridian (omg... nearly came during this song)
Yer not the Ocean
Three Pistols
Wheat Kings
Fiddlers Green
Ahead by a Century
Blow at High Dough
The Kids Don't Get it

There were other songs too, but I don't remember at this point. So tired. They did come out and do an encore of the Clash's Train in Vain, a song I didn't know, and finished off with On the Verge. It was during Johnnys drumming at teh end that my mouth just hit the floor.

Anyway, I had pretty good seats, 16th row ground seats, so I got some decent pictures. My Camera, however, is SHIT, so they are not great quality.

The band, doing their thing

Gord Sinclair and Rob Baker.  This is the only decent pic of Rob I managed to get... he hides in Shadows.

Paul Langlois and Gord Downie

I so want to do this man.  Many many times.  With youthful abandon.

Gord, larger than life.  Did I mention how much I would like to molest him?

Paul and Gord again.

The compulsory over priced concert T-shirt.  Awe at it's T-shirty goodness.

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