Thursday, July 21, 2011

I just can't let shit go sometimes...

Dear Nick Flora,

I feel I need to clarify myself, and frankly, Twitter is not the platform. I’m sure that by carrying on this conversation I’m only digging myself deeper but I can’t leave this issue hanging.

The backstory:

What I mean to say is that there are certain things, like cars and computers, that I will not attempt to fix myself, because in my attempts to repair these items, there is a good chance I will only succeed in damaging them further, probably quite beyond repair.

Guitars are fabulous in their simplicity. If you have a guitar that is not functioning properly, chances are it is fixable. Short of ripping the electronics out and stomping on them and possibly lighting them on fire and having the neighbours dog come over and pee on them, then freezing them in liquid nitrogen and smashing them with a hammer, anything you do in your attempts to fix a guitar is not going to result in it being ‘more broken’ than it already is.

Wow. I’m STILL not articulating myself very well, am I?


If you have a guitar, and you try to fix it, and you find it completely unfixable, chances are it was unfixable from the beginning, not as a result of your attempts to repair it unless, of course, in the process of trying to fix the problem, you performed one of the many actions described above. In which case, Durr...

Basically in a roundabout way, I agree with your original statement.  Does that make sense now?

If not, I’m going to blame the oppressive heat for my inability to form a cohesive thought and choose to avoid speaking in more than monosyllables until the temperature decides to dip below 30C. Sound like a plan?

In the meantime, I thought that after confusing you, the least I could do is offer a more detailed explanation and some free publicity.

Nick’s Website and MySpace Page. Is good stuff. Has anyone ever told you that you sound kind of like that guy from Fastball?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Still alive.

Stealing some time on my parents computer to do a quick check-in.  God, I miss my computer.  I thought I'd get a lot more done around the house without it, but all I'm really accomplishing is more movie watching.  I've rediscovered the DVD player PS2 (that we use because DVD players have a very short life span in our house.  Game consoles, I find, are much more hardy than DVD players).

Grundy Lake was fantastic, relaxing in spite of the army of mosquitoes and deerflies that descended upon us after two hours of rain we got on Monday.  My oldest seems to be in the full thrust of pre-adolescent moodiness, which caused some conflict but overall a good time was had by all.

Getting too old for two nights out in a row, I think, but had a good time karaoking on Thursday in celebration of the good news re: car, and again dancing Friday night for another girlfriend's birthday.  Yesterday I spent driving around Barrie and Orillia, looking for a birthday gift for my grandmother, finally finding some cool Coronation Street memorabilia at the Orillia Scottish Festival.  This is awesome, because Nanny, bless her heart, is the hardest person in the world to buy for.  You could give this woman a Mercedes Benz or a box of Kleenex and the general reaction would be a completely sincere "Oh, well that will come in handy."  Zero reaction.  The only gift I've ever seen elicit a reaction was a hand-held carpet shampooer, which garnered a very enthusiastic 'WAHOO!'

She's a cute lady, that one.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Excellent" she says, fingers steepled in classic C. Montgomery Burns fashion...

Must post quickly before I head home.

Great News.

Recall a while back when my car got totalled, and the friend who was driving (in one of those 'can you move your car I have to go to the store' 'Oh, just take mine' moments) got a bogus careless charge despite the fact that the woman she t-boned was trying to make a U-turn out of a parallel spot and was not looking where she was going?

Well, her court date was today and the charge was thrown out.  As it should be.

Huh.  ZAH.  Vindication, y'all.

There will be some calls to my insurance company, and there will be drinks in celebration.  Today is a good day.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Electronics are Revolting!

Will be taking a *hopefully* small blogging hiatus.  My computer at home has gone kablooey and the work computer, which I am at during work hours, is generally meant to be used for work.  In the meantime my cell phone has begun doing this weird thing where it blinks on a intermittent basis, and although the phone is in full working order otherwise, it's driving me frickin' batty.  Time for an upgrade.

The lack of online time sucks, because I have a lot I'd like to touch on, like the Rebecca Watson/Richard Dawkins/Creepy Elevator Guy fiasco and how everyone has gone apeshit over some woman who had the audacity to mention in a videoblog that getting propositioned in an elevator at four in the morning felt a little creepy and that if guys want to avoid being perceived as creepy, maybe they shouldn't do creepy things.

THE NERVE.  /sarcasm.

Also have some writing bubbling up in the old head. It happens, especially when I read something breathtakingly beautiful such as this. It'll be relegated to paper, for the time being.

Off camping with the kidlets for the next few days anyway, so I'd be MIA.  Some time off will be nice.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Conversations with my sister: Good parenting.

Recieved a text from the sister last night:

N: Hey what you doin?
Me: Just packing up after the fireworks
N: {my brother in law} n {my nephew} n i aret mom's
Me: Are you drunk?
N: No lol E was on my lap and it was hard to type. lol.  jackass.
Me: you shouldn't call your toddler a jackass.  that's not nice.
N: lol no love YOU'RE the jackass

I mean, I already knew that, but I couldn't resist such a set up.

I amuse myself far too much.