Saturday, July 2, 2011

Conversations with my sister: Good parenting.

Recieved a text from the sister last night:

N: Hey what you doin?
Me: Just packing up after the fireworks
N: {my brother in law} n {my nephew} n i aret mom's
Me: Are you drunk?
N: No lol E was on my lap and it was hard to type. lol.  jackass.
Me: you shouldn't call your toddler a jackass.  that's not nice.
N: lol no love YOU'RE the jackass

I mean, I already knew that, but I couldn't resist such a set up.

I amuse myself far too much.


  1. My last text from my brother was on Father's Day. The one before that was April 26 when my newest nephew was born.

  2. 13 hour drive (Atlanta to Chicago). More with kids.

  3. Hoo boy. That would suck. I live about a 30 minute walk/2 minute drive from my sister.

  4. this morning
    text from my sister in law:

    why cant i find a good guy?

    me: because im so awesome and your sister got me, it intimidates dudes

    sil: lol, you're dumb

    me: we're coming to your pool Friday

    sil: just drop the girls off, you'll kill my game

    nothing but love in my family

  5. I think I should text more. That really amused me.


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