This is me and here's my song...

Take one cup of snarky, disillusioned adolescent (even though I'm in my thirties):

A teaspoon of superhot rockstar goddess:

A few teaspoons of sarcastic working class mom:

A cup of adorable guitar-wielding songstress

And a cup and a half of "I'm funny, smart and I make glasses look sexy as hell"

Marinate in wine and bake at 350°F for 20 minutes.  Top with sprinkles and whipped cream.  Serves 2, if you're lucky.  But you have to buy dinner first.

I am a 30-something year old divorced mother of two pre-adolescent girls.  I have a dude who is around a lot who I like an awful lot, and a cat whom I tolerate.  I work at {redacted} doing {redacted} for {redacted}.  I have no mission for this blog... it's a little bit of everything.  Humour, creative writing, ranting, parenting, pop culture, feminism and various ephemera.  My parenting skills are heavily informed by Roseanne Conner, Lois from Malcolm in the Middle, and Linda Belcher which basically means my kids can't tell when I'm being sarcastic and I often sing at inappropriate times.

I'm a cancer survivor, a karaoke enthusiast, and a caffeine addict, having given up pretty much all my other vices.  I'm also a fan of the Oxford Comma.

I can play the guitar like a mother-fucking riot (with all due respect to Sublime).

Sometimes I get serious and talk about "Issues".  I like to keep my privilege in check, so if we're getting all philosophical and debatey, this might help you know where I'm coming from.

Other places on the interwebs I can be found:

Etsy:  100 Watt Smirks I make things with rock stars and superheroes.  I break a lot of copyright laws.

Instagram: @lilmscreant Because everyone else did. Send me a follow request. 

Twitter:  @lilmscreant - For the thoughts I have that can't be parlayed into a decent blog post.

Tumblr:  What Fresh Hell Is This? Parenting, Pop Culture, Feminism and Rock N Roll.

My CBC Radio 3 Page - Because I love Canadian Music.  LOVE IT.  And you should too.