Sunday, July 17, 2011

Still alive.

Stealing some time on my parents computer to do a quick check-in.  God, I miss my computer.  I thought I'd get a lot more done around the house without it, but all I'm really accomplishing is more movie watching.  I've rediscovered the DVD player PS2 (that we use because DVD players have a very short life span in our house.  Game consoles, I find, are much more hardy than DVD players).

Grundy Lake was fantastic, relaxing in spite of the army of mosquitoes and deerflies that descended upon us after two hours of rain we got on Monday.  My oldest seems to be in the full thrust of pre-adolescent moodiness, which caused some conflict but overall a good time was had by all.

Getting too old for two nights out in a row, I think, but had a good time karaoking on Thursday in celebration of the good news re: car, and again dancing Friday night for another girlfriend's birthday.  Yesterday I spent driving around Barrie and Orillia, looking for a birthday gift for my grandmother, finally finding some cool Coronation Street memorabilia at the Orillia Scottish Festival.  This is awesome, because Nanny, bless her heart, is the hardest person in the world to buy for.  You could give this woman a Mercedes Benz or a box of Kleenex and the general reaction would be a completely sincere "Oh, well that will come in handy."  Zero reaction.  The only gift I've ever seen elicit a reaction was a hand-held carpet shampooer, which garnered a very enthusiastic 'WAHOO!'

She's a cute lady, that one.


  1. My Gram just passed away in January at the young age of 96. Her reaction was always, without fail, "Oh now why did you go and waste your money? I don't need anything". *sigh* Oi vey.

  2. I can't believe you wath Coronation Street over there.

  3. Karaoke? Where's the video of that?

  4. Sadly we have no video (which is a shame, because I don't mind saying I KILLED). If you want to see me sing, you'll hafta friend me on the facebook.

  5. We watch CBC Kids in the morning with Lilly...which at her age is really just background noise with a few familiar songs that catch her attention away from her toys. Anyways, CBC Kids is followed up daily by Corrination Street. I have to believe that the only reason CBC does this is to help parents settle down the children into a nice comatose state for their morning nap. Well played CBC. Well played.


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