Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Excellent" she says, fingers steepled in classic C. Montgomery Burns fashion...

Must post quickly before I head home.

Great News.

Recall a while back when my car got totalled, and the friend who was driving (in one of those 'can you move your car I have to go to the store' 'Oh, just take mine' moments) got a bogus careless charge despite the fact that the woman she t-boned was trying to make a U-turn out of a parallel spot and was not looking where she was going?

Well, her court date was today and the charge was thrown out.  As it should be.

Huh.  ZAH.  Vindication, y'all.

There will be some calls to my insurance company, and there will be drinks in celebration.  Today is a good day.


  1. hooooray for you :)
    that is indeed good news.

  2. That is awesome news!!! I will raise my beer tonight in your honor!!!

  3. Great news for you. Good luck with the insurance company.

  4. Taking a sip of my pinot right now in your honor. Congrats!

  5. Right on! It's good when justice wins (and when there's a great excuse to get tanked).

  6. Woot! Good to hear of the courts doing the right thing for a change. Congrats.

  7. Excellent news! Congrats all around!!

  8. Wow, that is quite the ordeal. Houray!

    PS - I saw The Hip last week and it was AWESOME. I said Hi for you. And when I was standing all alone - because Hubby LOST ME IN THE CROWD - I was wishing you were there with me!

  9. Ottawa Bluesfest. Which, by the way, came to a disasterous end last night when the wind blew the stage over on top of Cheap Trick. What a joke.

    They even played Fiddler's Green! And several others of my favs. But nothing from We Are The Same.


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