Friday, July 8, 2011

The Electronics are Revolting!

Will be taking a *hopefully* small blogging hiatus.  My computer at home has gone kablooey and the work computer, which I am at during work hours, is generally meant to be used for work.  In the meantime my cell phone has begun doing this weird thing where it blinks on a intermittent basis, and although the phone is in full working order otherwise, it's driving me frickin' batty.  Time for an upgrade.

The lack of online time sucks, because I have a lot I'd like to touch on, like the Rebecca Watson/Richard Dawkins/Creepy Elevator Guy fiasco and how everyone has gone apeshit over some woman who had the audacity to mention in a videoblog that getting propositioned in an elevator at four in the morning felt a little creepy and that if guys want to avoid being perceived as creepy, maybe they shouldn't do creepy things.

THE NERVE.  /sarcasm.

Also have some writing bubbling up in the old head. It happens, especially when I read something breathtakingly beautiful such as this. It'll be relegated to paper, for the time being.

Off camping with the kidlets for the next few days anyway, so I'd be MIA.  Some time off will be nice.


  1. Have fun, good luck, "lose" the phone on the trip. Be safe!

  2. There's a time and place for hitting on ladies and it is not when they are on their own with you in an elevator, no matter what time of day or night.

  3. Tony, you have won a special place in my heart with that comment. YOU. GET. IT. *hugs*

  4. Tony is a weath of brilliance for sure :)

    Happy camping!!


  5. Will miss the entertainment, but everyone deserves a vacation. Have fun.
    Oh, and talking at all on the elevator is creepy. There should be some sort of noise cancellation. You're trapped in a sweat-box hurtling to the heavens or the ground. Everyone give a simple, polite nod and just be quiet for a couple of seconds while I deal with my claustrophobia.

  6. Have fun, and don't forget to come back!


  7. Camping and non-computer days? Now that sounds like a lovely vacation to olden days. As I'm far too addicted to take such a vacation myself, you must share how it goes!

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