Friday, March 18, 2011

Do other people refer to their vagina as Betty?

Because I don't.  But people seem to think I do.  But no, as I've mentioned previously, Betty is my cute little 2008 Aveo.  This doesn't negate the fact that when  I say that I've hurt my Betty (or in this case, a friend hurt my Betty) there is a decent amount of inappropriate giggles that go around.

But yeah, she's hurt.  Hurt bad.  It may be terminal, we don't know yet.

Long story short.. Last evening, there was a car, a what-I-would-believe-to-be-a-rather-illegal U-turn, a swerve and a slam of brakes, a crunch, a sketchy eyewitness account that has led to a possible conflict over fault, and now my car is waiting to be appraised to see if it's worth fixing or if it's a write off.  I wasn't driving, it was my friend that had my car at the time.  No one was seriously injured, although my friend is rather sore today.

So it's been a long day of talking to my insurance company, talking to the rental company, and trying to get a copy of the police report that hasn't been filed yet. 

I'm not going into great details, well.. because.. well you know when something happens and you just get sick of re-telling it over and having people offer their well-intentioned but often conflicting and rather overwhelming advice?  Yeah.  Since there's not much to do until the adjuster gets there Mondayish and until the actual police report gets filed I'm just going to try and enjoy the pretty rental car and wait and see what happens.


Luck of the Irish, indeed. 
my poor girl


  1. bummer...seriously...

    that is why i always where a cup...

    oh wait...we were talking bout a cat, er. uh. car...

    did someone say vagina?

    more beer!

  2. i drive an aveo too! and that is not a creepy euphemism for my vagina, your vagina or any sexually themed shenanigans.

    sorry to hear about your little 'veo! hope you get things sorted out!!

  3. Bummer about Betty. Some bondo and a couple rolls of duct tape, and she'll be (almost) as good as new.

    What do you call your vagina?

  4. My car is called Daisy. My lady-parts do not have a name. I guess I'm just clinical like that.

    Sorry to hear about your car. I had a fender bender last year, and that was costly & annoying! I hope everything works out for you.

  5. This post and its comments are entertaining. Do most people have names for their cars and vaginas? I don't have a name for either. Funny, spell-check is telling me "vaginas" is not a word, as if no one ever talks about vaginas in general.

  6. I've had a name for every car I've owned and driven (I also name my guitars) but I've never called my vag by any name other than vagina (or boo-boo when I was a kid.. I'll tell ya, THAT caused some confusion.. that's a post for another day.)


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