Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tell me I'm pretty.

Well I may have been wrong about that thing I wrote earlier about possibly having an admirer. Or I may have been right but scared him off with my fucked up sense of humour. Fuck. I really need to remember in the future that not everybody is familiar with my particular brand of humour. I can't just immediately joke with everyone like I do my closest friends, no matter how comfortable I may feel talking to a particular person. Even if I do feel an immediate rapport with someone, I still may need to ease them into the dark twisted humour that is mine... because instead of coming across as funny I may just come across like some kind of disorganized schizophrenic.


It's too bad. I don't know maybe there is some other explanation for the lack of communication, like just plain busy. I could initiate a conversation but then there is the possibility of "Oh its that WEIRD girl talking to me again (rolling eyes rolling eyes)." Meh.

And no. it had nothing to do with baby-killing jokes. I don't make those, I just happen to associate with some sick fuckers who do. yeah you guys know who you are...

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