Sunday, December 11, 2005


Well Election time is coming around again, thanks to that little vote last month.

I am not impressed with my choices.

Conservative? Can't say I really like what they stand for as a party. Harper is still going on about gay marriage, like one guy can put a stop to it, and who cares anyway...? Let them get married, it's not hurting anyone. Conservatives are also promising to cut back the GST. Yeah, like we haven't heard that before.

Bloq. Um.... NO.

NDP. I really really like their platform. But Jack Layton makes me want to stick something sharp in my eye. I was totally ready to vote for them last election, up until I watched the televised debate. He did not impress me in the least.

Liberal... Nope. can't do it.just can't They need out.

 So I will probably take my vote this year and Vote Green again. You know, I sometimes wonder... if enough people get confused and angry and just say "fuckit! I am voting green..."

No. I can't think like that.

Voting for the Green Party is kind of like asking Santa Claus for a pony for Christmas.. You figure you might as well try, but you know theres hardly a hope in hell of it actually happening.

Can I add that I have very little background in political science, and if anyone has issue with what I have said here or feels the need to correct me on something, have at 'er. Let me know where I have messed up. I have never claimed to be any sort of a pundit.

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