Friday, December 9, 2005

That crazy urge

It's getting closer to Christmas. and I am *almost* done my shopping. I have to buy my kids stuff, but as far as the rest of my friends and family go, I am almost done. Except for my Grandma. Not sure what to get her. My Nanny, who is usually incredibly difficult to buy for, I got done really early this year as I stumbled across a really awesome gift that pertains to a little show she likes... I won't tell you which one, but it rhymes with More Nation Treat. 

Grandma Ruth on the other hand generally is very easy to buy for. Something decorative or something that says Grandma on it, usually does it. But it feels cheap to go for the sentimental year after year. Last year I got her a toaster, and it was good. The old one was about 80+ years old and screamed when the toast was done. This year I seem to be at a loss. That's when I start getting ideas of things for people that are totally quirky or totally unexpected. Example of quirky, I got the guy I was seeing in the summer personalized pens and silly string for his birthday... it was a hit. 


So I am browsing through Walmart today, the sporting good section. G. Ruth is a pretty adventurous lady, she's one of those grandmas that hangs out at the Legion and goes on cruises and trips with her friends. A social butterfly. 

I saw it. The most unexpected, adventurous present I could think of.


Oh, it was sweet. I envisioned my grandma running through various obstacles and dodging paintball pellets. Then I reached up...

...and slapped myself in the face. How stupid am I? A FRIGGIN' PAINTBALL SET?? Then I walked away.

So, I still have to buy for my Grandma. 

yeah so that was pretty pointless eh?

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