Thursday, December 15, 2005

More fun than a well oiled midget

First off, let me say thanks for the support on my little crisis yesterday. The thing is, I was not so much worried about trying to BE something I am not, as I was concerned about appearing to be something I am not, which is completely psycho. The crisis haws been averted as I, on the advice of a good friend, decided to just suck up the embarrassment and explain myself. Reaction was very sweet, very understanding and very amused. Life is good.


So stats exam was yesterday and as it was the last exam Sam and I had made plans to go out and party afterwards. Ended up getting invited by some people (jeff and shelby) from stats to go out to 55 Special, as it was 7.50 pitcher night. Pitchers are not good. They make it very hard to keep track of your consumption. So after the exam we worked out who was going to do what driving, eventually deciding that I would drive there and we would suck it up and pay for the cab back to Sam's place, thus eliminating the need for a DD.  We picked up Richard, headed over to Shelby's place, sat around and talked hockey and cars, then we piled into the vehicles of two of the guys who were there, (unfortunately their names escape me) and headed to 55. I haven't been to that place since I was 15, for Nicky's baby shower when she had Randy. It was pretty packed, with a surprisingly large amount of young people despite its reputation as a cougar bar. The DJ, Kevin, who is a sweet heart, was playing some awesome music and I was in a dancing mood and looking pretty hot to boot. Curse you Sam, once again for forgetting the camera *shaking fist* as we were all looking pretty damn hot. Met some a couple of fun but reallllly drunk guys (okay I can't point any fingers) outside, one of whom got a real kick out of the Ramones shirt I was wearing, and the other who kept making stuff up, then the other guy kept calling him on it. Danced my BUTT OFF which was great! 

SO, then Sam gets kicked out of the bar, so we said (Rich and I) we would go with but as it was only 12:30, I was so NOT ready to go home yet. So we headed over to Fitzys downtown, which is my NEW FAVOURITE BAR IN THE WORLD! Had a Blast there, great music, haven't been to a bar that will play hard rock and punk and stuff in forever. Got groped by a random stranger and had to get all passive aggressive on his ass, conversation (as much as I can remember) went kind of like this:

RANDOM DRUNK GUY (RDG): How you doing? what you up to?
ME: Hanging out, just having a good time
RDG: wanna take off? go somewhere?
ME: Nah, thanks I'm sharing a cab with my friends here (gesturing to Sam and Rich who are ensconced in a rousing game of video poker)
RDG (as is trying to grab my ass): I'll share a cab with you (something unintelligible). Come on lets take off
ME: I'm fine here thanks, having too much fun.
RDG: oh come on (more unitellible stuff)
ME: I'm FINE right HERE. THANKS. In FACT, I'll be better over THERE. (I walk away exasperated) Yeah, Fitzy's is kind of a blur.  I remember talking to Ryan from history last year, and Nathan from stats and at one point I kissed this guy Curtis, a ex of one of my friends. Yeah, I felt bad about that. Crashed at Sam's, fell asleep pretty much as soon as I hit the floor. Caught about 10 minutes of Desperate Housewives before I crashed. 

SO that was my night last night, it was a friggin BLAST.

Slept until noon today, then picked the girls up, stopping for groceries on the way. Saw Steve Miller (no, NOT of the Steve Miller Band) Kind of waved, and he looked at me like I was just some random freak on the street. Not cool, those of you who know me well know why, and I don't really wanna go into it. Blech. But OH WELL, good things are on the horizon for me, I feel pretty secure in that.

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