Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I think I took a wrong turn at Albequerque.

A testament to what a fucking tool I am sometimes. 

I had some extra time this morning before class, so I decided to go exploring on my way.  I saw what looked like an interesting little unmarked dirt-road.

As I drove I noticed all the road signs were really tiny.

I'm on a snowmobile trail.  Good thing there are no snowmobiles around.

As the path turned from gravel, to dirt, to a grassy path, I started to think maybe I wasn't going to come out at a road. Plus things were getting bumpy, and I was far enough into the sticks that there was still snow on the ground in places.

Let me tell you, 'off-roading' and '1991 Sunbird' are two words that should never be spoken in the same sentence.

After a nice little 27-point turn on the cowpath, I decided maybe I should stick to the main roads.  For today anyway.

Exploring is FUN!

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