Thursday, June 1, 2006


It seems I've been giving out the wrong cell number for the past two weeks.  Durr.  Incidentally, it turns out that the guy that's been getting my calls went to school with my dad.  Small world eh?

My children are odd.  The oldest was singing "The twelve days of christmas" Today.  More bizarrely, yesterday was "Hava Nagila".  I'm still wondering where she picked that up.  They're funny as hell.  As it turns out, Tierney hasn't been sleeping well, so that explains some of the crankiness on the part of both children, since I can assume if Tierney is up, then so is Reegs.  I feel pretty bad now, but we had a nice cuddle and talk this morning, so I think next week will be a better week.  I love those kids, sometimes I wish I was more maternal though.

I'm sitting in the Library at school, trying to decide on what to do tonight.  Think I am supposed to be watching a movie once the library closes.

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