Friday, January 6, 2012

Conversations with my kid: music theory 101...

Or "My kid knows her genres about as well as I do, which isn't saying much"

Riding in the car, listening to music.

T: is this the drummer singing?
Me: no, it's the guitarist
R: the drummer is the most important part of the band
Me: yup, I've heard that, because they keep the time
R: unless it's like smooooth jazz. (yes, she did add extra oooo's to smooth)
T: no, they have drums...
R: no, jazz has like harmonicas and violins


  1. My 8 yr old Lyla aka "Bug" was hitting the seek button on the car radio recently. One station had Aerosmith playing Sweet Emotion, another had Aerosmoth playing I Don"t Want To Miss A thing"

    Bug: "dude, that doesn't even sound liek the same band. What happened?"

    Me: Aerosmith kind of changed their sound when they got older.

    Bug: "Why would you change from good to bad? That;s dumb, daddy."

    Me: "I love you honey"

  2. Haha oh, that must have done you proud!

  3. Its better then Steves Daughter saying, "whos aerosmith?" lol

  4. Yep yep, lots of violins. That's why I love jazz so much...

  5. Ha awesome. From the mouth of babes...
    At least she knows that drums are the most important part of the band, yeah!


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