Monday, March 5, 2007

This has not been my day.

Woke up this morning, unable to see out the window because of all the snow coming down.

Checked the local radio station, all buses are running.

Snow dies down by the time I have to take tierney and one of the neighbor girls to school. As we pull away from the school, the snow starts up again. By the tiime we start up Yonge street, it is a TOTAL WHITE OUT. I bump the sidewalk numerous times because I can't tell where it ends and the road begins, and I really don't want to end up halfway into the next lane, when I can't see the cars that may be coming up from behind. Not to mention, driving a white car, chances are they can't really see me either.

Get to the mall, find a payphone (having left my cell at home) and call PGH to tell them I'm not coming to my ultrasound today. Find another quarter, call tony and tell him he doesn't have to watch Reagan. As I hang up the phone, the snow is starting to die down. By 10:30 when my appointment would have been, it is BRIGHT and FRIGGIN SUNNY.

So I search for a birthday present and card for my sister (end up getting her a G.C. to get acrylic nails and airbrushing... she'll like that) and go grocery shopping.

Now as of late, I have been attempting to watch my weight (it's day 8 on the plan, been pretty good so far, I also quit smoking again 6 days ago) and I am also trying to learn how to cook. Not 'throw-things-in-the-oven' cook, but really cook. But since I had no concrete plans for dinners this week, I have not made a shopping list. I start off just kind of winging it, but then I decide it's stupid to just go without a list, I'm gonna buy all sorts of stuff I don't need right away. So I ended up putting about half the stuff back and just stripping down to essentials for the next couple days, fruits etc, and stuff that I had gotten that was non-perishable and on sale. I'll probably do a big ass grocery shop this weekend, and stock up on spices and various specialty items I don't already have.

So there's about an hour wasted, but I'm happy because I only spent 40 bucks on groceries. This is where I realize Reagan doesn't have her mittens. Fortunately, she knows where they are. At the other end of the mall, behind a bench in the vestibule in front of Zellers. When we find her mittens, I discover that my gloves are gone. The best freaking gloves I have ever owned. Customer service doesnt' have them, and it's the coldest day of the year. Blah.

Drive home with freezing fingers. Run into the laundrymat for change (because ours doesn't have a change machine) to discover its out of order. SO i Have no laundry money.

Fortunately, when I got home, there was a message from zellers, they have my gloves, so when I go to get tierney, I can get changge from the bank and pick up my gloves.

What a day so far. blah. Oh and I'm sore as fuck from shovelling the ice rink my parents back yard. There was ice on TOP of the ice.

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