Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This is me today.

I am done school in approximately one month, and freaking out. I have no job lined up thus far. Good news is, Masters programs apparently only have classes maybe two days a week, which means my options open up a bit... I could do Toronto TWO days a week... not 4 or 5 though. In that case I could even do North Bay, or Peterborough, as Trent and Nipissing have Masters Programs too.

In the meantime, I still have to find a job for the Summer. Need to find those ads I had, maybe I can do that at school today.

Had a date last night, but got stood up. Am I pissed? Yeah, a tad. I'll get over it though.

I have been smoke free for two weeks now, and been sticking to the weightwatcher thing (for the most part, I've been writing down, and haven't gone TOO far over... well with the extra 35 points per week range...). Have my second weigh-in tonight, so we'll see how that goes.

Coming into another stress-filled stretch, with major assigments coming in, gotta keep on my "Two hours of homework a night" deal.

Might be going to Wonderland in late April, looking forward to that, I haven't been there since my fifteenth birthday. Nicky took me (cause she's the best sister EVAH *muahs* ) and I remember we only went on like two rides (Top Gun and Clockwerks) and then sat and made fun of people the rest of the day.

Took the girls shopping on monday, got them rain boots, their shoes and tights for ballet (yeah, they're both gonna be taking ballet in May) new spring coats and two outfits each. Once Upon a Child is a great store... I got all that for about 100 bucks. I got the coolest shirt for Reagan (Sammi, Chris and Mari will enjoy this) It's a Sailor Moon shirt, that's in Japanese and has all nine sailors on it, not just the Americanized ones. It's pretty cute.

So yeah, that's me and mine.

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