Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Obligatory Year-In-Review and New Years Resolution Post

2014.  This was not my favourite year.

I dealt with a lot of stress, mental health issues, physical health issues, house stuff, money stuff, relationship stuff.

The high point of my year?  NOT having Cancer.  Which is a really, really awesome thing, but a pretty low bar to measure a whole year by.  Also, this last month the last remaining portion of my colon decided to get its shit together, figuratively speaking, and push my colitis back into a state somewhat resembling remission.  At any rate, the daily ass-bleeding has stopped for the most part.

Not having Cancer was Ay-Oh-Kay in my books, as was the reprieve from daily ass-bleeding, but quite frankly, the rest of the year just felt like a god-damn struggle.

I know it's not been all bad.  The change in mood between this post and this post from a few weeks ago can probably tell you how all-over-the-place I have been. I've been making efforts to maintain some level of positivity.  Some days are 'be thankful and count your blessings' days.  Some days are not.

On a side note: I had a pretty decent Christmas. Got to actually see my family and eat turkey.  And then every single member of my household got sick as shit for the next four days (not from the turkey, from the flu).  So while Christmas was much better than last year, the universe did it's damndest to make sure Boxing Day blew chunks (metaphorically).

So basically, 2014 can fuck right off for not being the vast improvement over 2013 it was supposed to be.  You're fucking fired, 2014.

So, now that we've got all that bother out of the way, some plans and resolutions for 2015:
  1. Be more active, whilst remaining actively body-positive.  This will include: 
    • Continuing to swim at the Y three mornings a week
    • Returning to kick-boxing once a week
    • Using my lunch-breaks to walk each day, or taking evening walks after dinner
    • Refraining from negative self-talk and avoiding the "D-word".  Riots, not diets, folks.
    • Eat more system-friendly foods that will keep my fucked-up digestive happy
    • Drink water. Lots of water. Because dehydration is a bitch, yo.
  2. Finish working on The Table Formerly Known as the Penis Table
  3. Blog more, both here and on The Art Blog. I also have a plan for a third blog that has been in the works for a while.
  4. Paint. Draw. Craft.
    • Submit work to art shows. Try not to get frustrated if not accepted. Keep trying.
  5. Write.
    •  Look for opportunities to write outside of blogging.
  6. Make music
    • Find a conveniently-scheduled and receptive open mic to attend.  Attend with some regularity
  7. Audition for plays
  8. Continue to practice good self-care, for the benefit of both my physical and mental health:
    • Take my blood-thinners and butt-meds regularly
    • Get my blood work done regularly, as required
    • Continue seeing my counsellor for as long as work will cover it/I can afford it
    • Bitch-slap the jerkbrain when she starts getting too loud.
  9. Make friends, and make time for friends.
  10. Make time to keep being a good mom, girlfriend and person, overall.
  11. Make time for me.
  12. Breathe.
So that's all from this end for this year.  Here's to new beginnings.

I look slightly deranged. I kind of like it. Cheers, y'all.

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