Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wherein an era comes to a close, and customer service flies out the window.

So annoyed right about now.

I went to pick up the girls only to be informed that the youngest's indoor shoes, which I bought not more than two months ago, were broken and in need of replacing.  It seemed a good idea to take them back to Zellers and ask for a refund because in no universe should a pair of children's runners fall apart after two lousy months.   She never even wore them outside.

Zellers used to offer a "Kidurable" guarantee on all of their children's wear.  If they wore it out before they outgrew it, then they'd replace it.  Since I still had the receipt, I figured piece of cake.

Yeah, except that not too long ago, Zellers got bought out by Target and now all the locations are either in the process of becoming Target or, if you live in an area that is economically depressed and already has a Walmart such as we do, being liquidated and closed down.  One of the first steps was saying "effyoo" to the Kidurable guarantee.

No, wait it gets better.

So because the shoes are no longer guaranteed I have only the option of exchanging them for a new pair.  Which would be awesome, if there were more than, oh say, two pairs in the kids size available.  And two of those pairs cost about twice as much as the original pair.  We had the foresight to re-measure her feet, thankfully her feet had grown and she was up a size so this brought us up to three or four possible pairs.  That's if you count the ones in the boys section as well.  Yeah, it's safe to say they're pretty picked over in their shoe selection.

So let's recap shall we?
  1. The cheap-assed shoes that lasted a mere month beyond the 30 day return period can only be exchanged.  No money back, even though logic would dictate that if I bought a shitty pair of shoes somewhere which fell apart after two months, I'd want to take my money elsewhere, perhaps somewhere the shoe selection was less shoddy and craptacular on-the-whole.
  2. Had I not been able to find a suitable replacement, I'd have been stuck with the original broken pair.
  3. I not only have to go through the whole pain in the ass that is children's shoe shopping a second time, I have to pay extra for the privilege since no shoes are available in the original price range.
  4. Because of the exchange-only policy and the lousy fucking 'We're liquidating and oh yeah it's winter' selection of running shoes I am limited to the same shitty line of shoes.
  5. This means that in two or three months time, I'm almost inevitably going to be in the exact same boat only this time Zellers will either be in total liquidation so my exchange-only selection will be even MORE limited and shitty or the whole damn store will be gone and I'll be completely shit out of luck.
So, thanks for nothing Zellers.  If not for the bitter taste this incident has left in my mouth, I'd almost be sad to see you go.  At least your demise blessed us with this:

Oh and then in all but perhaps karmically unrelated incident I proceeded to dump the contents of the green bin on the kitchen floor.  Which was awesome.

So, how is your night?


  1. some random dude next to you in bedNovember 6, 2012 at 11:51 PM

    Well, at least you got good beer (including the nice bonus glass they gave you for shorting you a bottle in the case) and flowers this week.

    1. The flowers and cool beer glass have definitely been the highlight of my week. xoxo

  2. Return policies generally suck at the big chains, and a lot of the small stores, too.

    I DREAD returning things. At Wal-Mart and Winners, they look at me like I am up to no good, when I have a legitimate, unused item to return along with the receipt.

    I guess it's just so expected that we keep buying new. Planned obselesence. (No idea how to spell that). But that is truly shameful for a pair of 2 month-old indoor shoes.

    Stuff isn't made the way it used to be.

    On the bright side? We could have been American and terrified how close Romney actually got to winning last night. So there's that.

    1. Ehh, even from here, I was still peeing a little with worry.

  3. Zellers is the bane of my existence. Everyone's all "Oh, no! Terrible sad face! A Canadian icon is CLOSING!" I would feel the same if I had had good experiences there. A grew up with a horrible Zellers. I live in the same town and it's still the same horrible Zellers. It hasn't been updated in THIRTY YEARS. Nothing noticeable, anyway. I'm not shedding a single tear that it's closing - only that it's not becoming a Target.

    1. I'm kind of on the same page. Our local Zellers is kind of sketchy, but I go there because I hate, hate, HATE Wal-Mart and the RCSS has a limited selection of non-grocery items. The only thing I feel bad about is the people (some friends and family) who will be losing their jobs. There's not a whole lot of them around here.


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