Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Cards I wish I had thought of getting the kids more than 24 hours in advance

I'm pretty vocal about the fact that in general, I think valentine's day can suck it. Yeah, even when I'm not alone for the occasion I still tend to hate it out of loyalty to my single self. But in an attempt to not expose the kiddies to too much jaded cynicism, I do still let them participate In the yearly thing of handing out cheap little cards to their classmates, cards rendered utterly meaningless by the fact that they are obligated to include EVERY kid in their classes, Even those ones I'm sure my children would happily punch in the face.

The side effect of my general desire to pretend this day doesn't really exist results in me forgetting these things until the last bloody second. Which means I miss out on the possibility of having my kids branded as the coolest (okay, fine, weirdest) kids in their classes by handing out cards like this. Holy shit you guys:

Happy Valentines Day from the Golden Girls!

As much as I am incredibly sick of hearing about Betty White (Yes, she's old and she's funny.  So are both my grandmothers.. so why aren't people making a big deal about them?) these are all kinds of awesome.

Next, from the 'My Nostalgic Inner Child is Geeking The Frick Out' files:

Sailor Moon Themed Valentines Cards!

Last, I always end up coming back to the incomparable Brandon Bird and his Law & Order SVU Valentines cards which according to his site are currently sold out.  Boo-urns.

Meh, I guess they're happy enough with iCarly. Yes, Tess, I ended up getting them after all.


  1. yay iCarly saves the day! Glad there were some left for you by the time you got there. I have still yet to see what the girls got.

    1. Yup, the two you saw were still there.. Tierney was torn between them and Phineas and Ferb, but P&F didn't have suckers.

  2. I'm with you on the Betty White exhaustion.
    I also LOVE Brad Bird's art and nearly squealed with delight when you included the SVU cards because it was one of the first things I thought about when I saw your post title.

  3. LAW AND ORDER SVU!? NO freakin' way!

  4. Shut the front door!
    Law and order SVU for. the. win. And Golden Girls!!
    These cards are amazing.

    I'm also over the Betty White love. It got old about 2 months ago, actually. We get it. She's funny. Enough already.

  5. Law & Order SVU Valentine's = heaven! Too funny.

  6. I NEED those Golden Girls cards.

  7. Those Golden Girls cards make me think of a particularly icky Robot Chicken featuring them all "Sex & The City" style.


    And Valentine's is just as crap as Christmas is my books. Which is probably why I have so few friends.


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