Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter is finally upon us. Whoopitty-doo.

It's a bitter inevitability, these January days. Even December, this year so uncharacteristic in its mildness could not hold them off forever. Waking to the morning when the clear blue skies And sunshine cleverly disguise the mercury's sudden decent.

Wind creeps through the cracks where the door has warped and no longer meets its jamb. Roaring from the bowels of this humble dwelling, the ancient furnace breathes up from the floor and wrestles with the draft, struggling to overpower, but still the chill remains.

Wrapped in blankets I bury my head and breathe deeply, exhaling warm damp mist into my frozen hands. Pulling the blanket ever closer, cocooning myself, wishing I could return in spring when the cracking ice screams from across the bay and the snow banks retreat, dropping a sediment of salt and dirt onto muddy front yards.

Hot coffee and thick stews and ratty woolen sweaters are my weapons against the biting cold and the long stretches of night, while I grasp each precious minute of sunlight and count the days.


  1. Sounds cold.

    *enjoys my southern California warmth*

    *in ninja shorts, with a wide-open window*

  2. And here I sit with my space heater, warm and toasty. Yet when I go home, I cocoon myself in my blankets too.

    Nothin wrong with a little snuggle under the covers.

  3. You did so well at describing the cold, that you made me wish for somebody to snuggle with... my cat will be cursing your blog later I assure you!!

  4. You described the weather in Minnesota perfectly! Andie, this is some beautiful language... GREAT IMAGERY. *high five*

  5. I have to laugh though.. when my Mom read this (I rent from my parents) she was all concerned about whether the house was really that bad. I had to explain that I took a certain amount of creative licence in writing this and that while it does get chilly, she needn't worry.


    I couldn't live where you do. I need all four seasons or at least no winter and the other three.

  7. I wish that it was wintery here like it's supposed to be! I'm getting gypped I tell ya. I love winter and I want it, dammit! Hahaha!

  8. I love the cold, and could use some snow my way. And hot chocolate.


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