Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christopher Titus, I am disappoint.

Some of you may remember a short-lived but hilarious (if you share my own sick sense of humour) sit-com a few years back by the name of Titus, based on the real life upbringing of comedian Christopher Titus.

So I'm a fan of his page on Facebook and I came across this post.  When I first read it, I honestly thought it was satire but as I read on I realized that it was written in seriousness.  I think.  I'm not sure, actually, the whole thing is kind of muddled and incoherent.  I don't even know where to start with the whole 'Negro Greetings' thing... I'm pretty sure I'd find it offensive if I could figure out what the fuck his point is on that one.

Anyway, I'll let you read the post for yourself.


This is a repost.
I'm getting tired of atheists bitching about Christmas, first of all you're an atheist, why do you care who believes what? How can someone who believes nothing believe in nothing so much that you want everyone else to believe in nothing or make fun of the non non-believers. Sounds like a cult. I believe that Jesus Christ walked the earth and he was a good man, like I believe that Ghandi walked the earth and Martin Luther King also. That's why it's called Martin Luther king day not "Negro greetings". Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ which is why it's called Christmas and a manger scene has people dressed in robes of the time and lambs and whatever.Theres no aliens. (I'm looking at you Scientology.) Guess what there is a ton of mythology about Ghandi and MLK too so step the hell off atheists and keep your believing in nothing to yourselves. I'm tired of you forcing your non beliefs on me. I love how people bitch about their civil rights until they start infringing on others. You think I'm pissed? Listen to blah blah blah shameless self-promotions etc etc etc...
Really what?

I read some of the comments but then stopped after I found that the stupid was beginning to burn, so I went on to post this response:
I've never heard an atheist bitch about Christmas. I've never heard a Muslim bitch about Christmas. I've never heard a jew bitch about Christmas. I've never heard a Hindu bitch about Christmas. I've never heard a Pagan bitch about Christmas. I've heard a lot of Christians bitch about a war on Christmas, which could be true if you consider war to mean 'the suggestion that one might acknowledge that there are other holidays in the month of December.' But myself, I've always thought 'war' involved a lot of guns and death and stuff. That I've yet to see, outside of Weird Al Yankovic's "The Night Santa Went Crazy."

Those who have been reading this blog for a while know that I have very little patience for the "War on Christmas" crowd and that personally I find the idea that by simply acknowledging the varying beliefs of people living in North America we're contributing to the downfall of Western Civilization to be at worst, a xenophobic and dangerously bigoted idea and at best, just fucking ridiculous.  Saying Happy Holidays to someone instead of Merry Christmas isn't a big slap in the face to Jesus Christ.. in fact, from what I know of him, he would have encouraged it.  It's my understanding that J.C. was very into all that "Goodwill toward man" and "Loving thy Neighbour" stuff.

Take a look around you... the only people waging a war on Christmas and it's true meaning are the advertisers, the corporations and the grinding gears in the machine of greed.  If anyone forgets the 'true' meaning of Christmas, it won't be because a few people say Happy Holidays.

As for the original rant, I think Titus needs to do some research on Atheism and what it entails.  It's not a belief in nothing.  It's a movement toward rational thought and critical thinking instead of blind faith.  A lot of Atheists still celebrate Christmas, but may center it around celebrating family.  Hell, I consider myself an Atheist but I still think that it's possible that Jesus Christ existed, and I celebrate Christmas because I have respect for the ideas that Jesus espoused (that stuff that I mentioned above.  Love, and such).  No, I don't believe in the Resurrection.  I don't believe he was the Son of God.  But I respect his ideas.

I wish more people would.


  1. I agree. I've only heard complaints from extremely sensitive hyper Christians complain that we acknowledge any other holiday or prevent further encroachment of fundamentalist beliefs into government. Why can't more people just not give a crap what people do as long as it doesn't hurt anyone?

  2. Yeah, what you said. Oh, and "Titus" was a great show, haha.

  3. Hi! This is Christopher Titus.
    Not really religious but after two wars, a Congress in gridlock,
    people dying like flys from prescription drug abuse and an economy that
    is starving people to death. I got tired of people bitching about the one
    time of year where good can be done, and everyone is onboard.
    Whether it's pagan or Christian, Muslim or whatever. I really love how
    Atheists treat Christianity as a joke but get SOOOO offended when they get
    called on trying to force people believe what they believe. It was satire and
    I love how humorless you became when you realized I was stepping on
    YOUR views when atheists have no trouble stepping on others. Christ lived.
    It's called Christmas, MLK lived, its called Martin Luther King day, The
    satire is your blog where you don't even get that my response was almost
    verbatim how Atheist talk to Christians. " Dont push your beliefs in my face
    Christians, you're idiots, blah blah blah. Who do you really think you are to
    attack others beliefs, mock them, ridicule them and then get pissed when
    you are mocked. Thin skin? I wanted to show that the people that teach
    tolerance and all encompassing acceptance can't take a little poke when they
    are mocked. It's called Christmas, after Christ at least thats what I call it and
    frankly I don't care what you call it but will defend your right to the death to
    call it what you want. ( I hope it doesn't come to that) I was mocking high
    horse assholes who think they know better. Who think that their intellect or
    insight negates what others believe. Do I believe there is a man in the sky
    that guides me? Nope. But I dont care if someone else does. If it keeps
    someone from stabbing me at the ATM I dont care what they believe.
    Live and let live. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

    Lighten up

  4. I take the exact same stance as you on this "War on Christmas." I feel like the only people that think this is happening is the right winged Christians who honestly feel OFFENDED that someone could have a different belief system than they do. It gets under my SKIN. Especially since a majority of the people that are offended by this, seem to have zero knowledge in the historical meaning behind the date of December 25th in previous relgions (ie- Paganism). In the United States we see this relgious agenda being pushed upon people through Government and it's incredibly scary.

    Also, Christopher Titus is a bit of a condescending asshole, amirite? Why do I constantly see this misrepresentation of Atheism? Why do I constantly see this hypocritical argument that he is presenting? He is blaming you for not understanding "satire"- when you merely pointed out his choice of wording in his "satire" and the ignorant comments that ensued reminded you why "The War on Christmas" bothers you to begin. It sounds like someone (Christopher Titus, who Yandie- I'm sorry, I dont' know who the fuck this guy is.. never heard of his TV show) needs to lighten up and turn off Fox News. His points are irrelevant and his aggressive nature makes him sound even more ignorant and unintelligent as I already imagine him to be.

  5. @Ninja - that I do agree on.

    @Titus, well I appreciate the response, although I'm not sure how much of the post you actually read, since I conceded to the possibility that Jesus Christ did exist, and I also mentioned his belief in loving one another as one of the things I can respect about him even if I don't buy into the myth of the resurrection or the claim that he was son of God.

    I also appreciate the advise to 'lighten up' as you so put it, as my point in all this is that the people I have seen most uptight about the holidays are those who seem to believe that there is an all-out war on Christmas. When I read your post, I did think it was satire at first, but I believed you were satirizing those folks who rail on about taking Christ out of Christmas... when in fact, I guess you are one of those folks. So perhaps your own advice may need to be heeded.

    But again, hey thanks for taking the time to respond, not only on facebook but by copy and pasting it here as well.

  6. Wow. I never get celebrities at my place. :-)

    I thought his show was funny for the first three-quarters, and then it got sad in a "holy shit, this is a crash-and-burn-scenario sort of way".

    I'm standing with you, Yandie...


  7. As an atheist myself (but not of the militant kind), I also have yet to see atheists "force" other people to abandon their beliefs.
    See, generalizations are often incorrect; also, using the "just kidding" defense sounds a bit disingenuous.
    And I'm with Yandie on this one--I too celebrate Christmas because of family.
    No biggie.

  8. I didn't realize Santa was in a war against us. I guess it makes sense since year after year he keeps stealing my cookies.


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