Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flashing Gender Arrows.

My girls recently got their hair cut, like uber-short.  Pixie cuts, basically.  Not to brag, but my kids are pretty damn adorable, dare I say GORGEOUS, with very feminine facial features.

Today the receptionist at the dentist thought they were boys.  This is the first time this has happened since they got their hair cut.  I'm not terribly bothered by it, and as far as their feelings go, well, they were out of the room at the time the little faux pas was made, so no worries there.

It's easy to overlook the bright pink winter coat on the one child, and the pink pants on the other.

They have unique names that while predominantly used in the feminine, can be boys names as well.

But how.. HOW, I ask, do you miss the T-shirt that says in giant letters "I LOVE BEING A GIRL"


Reminds me of when T. was a baby and a nice couple oohed and ahhed and asked how hold 'He' was.

"Six Months," I said "but actually she's a girl."
"A girl?! But she's wearing blue!"
"uhm... a blue dress."

Just goes to show that people have specific things they look for as gender-markers, while ignoring other markers.  For some it's as basic as P vs VG (although most people don't have them on display, and I've learned it's considered rude to ask).

For others it may be hairstyle, whereas for others it may be clothing, or posture.

In other news, this may have been the best dentist visit in my children's history.  No cavities, no freakouts, no tears.  Good times.


  1. Gah! People. I have been mistaken for a boy on quite a few occasions. The last one I can recall was while holding up a bikini to the woman at the counter asking if I could try it on... And I daresay I am not unfeminine, nor are my boobs. For some reason short hair really throws people. Though I doubt Julie Andrews got that crap. :)

  2. Surprisingly I didn't get much of this when I had short hair.. and I looked pretty butch, admittedly (which is why I'll never go back... NEVER! - Okay, I say that, but I'm probably lying lol)

  3. when i was about 9 or 10 i had short hair. my brother and i were sitting in the back seat of my mum's car at the gas station and the attendant asked her if her sons would like lollipops... yeah. 20 years later i still remember it.


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