Sunday, October 3, 2010

Adventures in the service sector.

In the drive through at McDonalds last night.

Me:  Can I get two cheeseburger happy meals with chocolate milk to drink?
Drive-Thru Girl:  Girl or Boy toys?

Me: Toys don't have genders.  Can you please tell me what the toys are?
Drive-Thru Girl: We have skateboarders for boys and strawberry shortcake for girls.

*sigh*  Of course.  Way to gender-socialize my children, McDonalds.


At a family restaurant about 30 minutes away I took the girls for breakfast and proceeded to wait 15-20 minutes without even getting so much of a menu or a "I'll be with you in a minute."

The server had made eye contact with us as we came in.  Not even a MENU.  Even on the busiest day, how hard is it to slap a menu onto a table?

I'm hoping they were understaffed due to illness or something, otherwise having one server on a Sunday morning is just bad planning. 

We walked out.

I won't mention their name outright, but they are named after a Sesame Street character.  Just in case you're ever in the area.

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