Saturday, October 2, 2010

I want to drop-kick these kittens.

I have two kittens left that don't have homes.  My attempts at home-finding were thwarted when Spartacus the giant tom brought home fleas and effectively spread them to the rest of the cats.  For some reason, no treatment seems to be working with these last two.  So I don't feel right giving them away, unless someone is fully prepared to deal with this themselves.

In the meantime, they're driving me up a friggin' wall.  I can't eat in peace, because they're on me trying to get at my food.  I can't cook or make lunches in peace because they're constantly up on the counter.  The other day I was putting away groceries, and as I was trying to section up the ground beef I had bought in bulk, I had to push Simon off the counter roughly 27 times.

I wish I was exaggerating for the sake of comedic value, but I'm not.

They get up on my dresser, pick up my earrings and other things with their teeth and drop them off the edge.  I can't let them in my room at night, because they try to attack the string for the  blinds.  If I put the blinds down in an attempt to keep the string out of reach, they still try to get it.

They've turned the computer modem off three times this week.  I was ready to call Rogers Cable and ream them out for their crappy modem until I realized the culprit.

I've been giving the kids hell for making messes around the house.. I'm starting to think they're not the problem.

Mama Chloe keeps trying to get out and it's driving me nuts as I have not had time to get her into be spayed.  I CAN'T GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN.  Bob Barker, HELP ME! 

The OSPCA is so over-run with strays that they charge you to bring animals there.  But I'm ready to suck up that charge just to save my sanity.  This is a small house and not sufficient to deal with three wrangy indoor cats and one Giant Tom who stays out most of the time.  When he is home he pretty much just eats, shits and hisses at the kittens.

I don't blame him. They're a pain in the ass.

My other option is to drive them out to the country and drop them off.  It's still fall, the survival rate is good. Hell, that's how I got Mama Chloe in the first place.

PETA reps, this is sheer hyperbole. I'm not going to ditch them out on some concession somewhere.  But a girl can dream can't she?

I'm not even allowed to do laundry, even. No, they've taken over the dryer.


  1. Hahaha have you tried a spray bottle? Thats how we had trained Skittles. Sure he slips up every so often but if I just look at him and say his name in a stern voice he get off the table or counter.

  2. I'm a little wary of using a spray bottle around the computer though.


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