Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Bah, my appointment to get my wisdom teeth out has been postponed due to a scheduling screw-up. I was supposed to go friday, or so I thought but when I called today to find out what time, they told me that the surgeon wasn't going to be in Friday, that he was actually in today. The girl on the phone said they could fit me in today, but I declined. With an exam tomorrow and another on Friday, I thought it best NOT to spend the next two days doped up as all hell. Apparently the next time the surgeon is in is sometime around January the 26th. Which also sucks, seeing as I have the Tragically Hip concert on the 25th and my Parents 30th anniversary party on the 27th (shhh... it's a secret.. they don't read my blogs). This is an approximate date. If it turns out to be after the 27th, or at least a week before the 25th, then I'll do it in January, if not, I'll wait until after that.

I'm up to the B's now. So far so good. i've decided I need more Billy Joel. iTunes arranges by first name, it seems.

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