Monday, April 30, 2012

Quick and Dirty Photo Post.. but not actually Dirty Photos.. sorry.

So excuse this moment of vapid attention-whoring, but I got new glasses and I want to show them off.  On previous trips to purchase eyewear I was torn between lighter or thicker frames.  Last week I went in and there was a sale...

So I got both.

That is, indeed, the newly-detesticled asshole cat on the chair behind me.
Pair number two
Oh and in case you were wondering, I also got myself a little bit of a giftie.
Sexy, right?
I'm now tasked with the.. uh.. task of giving him/her/zie a name.  I haven't even assigned it a gender.. most of my other guitars I've given guy monikers.  This one is a little prettier, a little sexier that I'm inclined to lean towards a more feminine signature.

I'm thinking of naming her after a song name.  I've always been a little fascinated by 'name-songs' and always a little jealous of people who have songs with their name in the title.  At least, I was jealous until I found out that one of my favorite alt-country (I really can't lump them in with regular country, but they're not *quite rock*) bands, Blue Rodeo had a song called Andrea.  It's an odd little tune, sung by Greg Keelor, and sounds like some kind of 'My Drug Buddy' type tune.

Andrea I'm so happy that you called 
Just to hear your voice 
Helped dissolve 
The paranoia 
Until the drugs wore off

The name Jolene, after the Dolly Parton tune, is jumping out as a possible option.  It's a fairly unique name and seems to match the vibe I get from this particular instrument.

What are your favorite "Name-Songs?"  Do you share a name with any songs that you know of?

I wanted to upload a video to christen my new whats-her-face, and was inspired as I wrote this post so here you go.  Be warned, I hate seeing myself on video, so I haven't watched this.  If it's terrible, you have my sincerest apologies.

Isn't that one awesome thumbnail image?  I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL!!!  I need a haircut.

In other news, I went to Guelph yesterday with my friend Tess for her birthday.  We loaded up the car with all of our respective children and her SO, and went to see A Suessical Musical along with her sister and grandma.  Was a very late night as showtime was 6:30 and Guelph is about three hours away from here.  The children were extra "F.U.N." (read: Fucking Unbelievable Nightmare) to get up this morning but all in all it was worth it, a fun time for everyone involved.

One last picture.  Although most of the time he's kind of a dick, as I have mentioned, occasionally Simon manages to break out the cute.

It's like a kitty-vampire coffin.  Kind of.  If cats were shaped like guitars.


  1. Congrats on your gift to yourself. Weren't you just a tiny bit tempted to close the lid on the dick cat? I mean, I like my cats but that doesn't stop me from occasionally wanting to see if I could knock one in the toilet when they were getting a drink.

    1. Oh, it totally crossed my mind. However, I fear retaliation. Gord only knows what evil thoughts go through that furry little head.

  2. Those are some sexy specs. Just sayin'.

    1. Also, I dig your voice. But you know that already.


  4. dammit people commented and now my comment makes no sense.... was referring to the first commenter.

  5. Two pair of awesome glasses and a kitty taking up residence in your guitar case?!

    Jealous in MN,


    1. I'm jealous of your cats.. Somehow I think miss Liza bean bitey of the Minneapolis Biteys could teach Simon to be more of a gentleman,

  6. AS I was reading your post I thought the name Jolene before I read it. You don't know me, but perhaps the universe is speaking. Amy, Allison, Irene are the next to jump to mind. Jolene is definitely the best

  7. Elvis Costello's Allison.
    I don't know anybody named Allison, though.
    But I can totally relate to the song's sentiment.

  8. First of all, LOVE both pairs of glasses. Very cute and sexy! Second, I was named after the song Misty Blue and of course there is the other famous song, Misty sung most famously by Johnny Mathis. So you should totally name your new guitar, Misty. It's a great name and I think it suits your guitar beautifully. Third, I love the song Jolene. Always have. It's such an intense song even though I don't agree with begging for a man that has cheated on you. Anyway, you did a kick ass job on it! You're such a doll and you know I love you. Mwah!

  9. Was gonna say Jolene but then you said it, so...uh... I really like your glasses.


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