Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reverse Objectification Tuesday: Oscar Edition.

This will be a short one, as I have ten minutes before the work whistle blows.

I didn't watch the Oscars, as per usual, since a) they generally tend to be pretty long and fairly boring and B) my intense loathing of modern day cineplexes generally guarantees that I have not seen any of the films nominated. True to form, this year I have seen a grand total of ONE of the winning films.

And I was very excited for its win for best song.


Because MUPPETS.

And because Bret McKenzie is about as adorable as a bowl of kittens wrapped in newborn babies and sprinkled with more kittens.

Whew.. 8:59. Just under the line.


  1. I have no idea who Bret McKenzie is, but the jumping on the red carpet pic makes me like him.

    You didn't miss anything by not watching the Oscars. You saved your brain.

  2. Bret is the weedy shy-guy half of Flight of the Conchords, the fourth most popular folk-parody duo out of New Zealand. If you have not heard of them, I highly recommend checking them out. He won the oscar for writing Man or Muppet from the new muppet movie.

  3. I geeked out three times while watching the Oscars:

    a.) when the Muppets arrived on the Red Carpet;
    b.) when Kermit & Piggy had their bit during the ceremony;
    and c.) When Bret won the Oscar. SO RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY.

    Oh, and Jason Segal crying over Bret's win? Priceless.

  4. I have no idea who this guy is, but you and I are in wild agreement regarding his adorability.



  5. Nope, still objectification. nothing reverse about it ;) Hahha.

  6. I'm commenting to see if your commenting works because your commenting is often teh broke.

  7. I didn't see any of them yet either. I want to since I'm a crazy movie chick, but I'm too broke to go to a movie theater these days.

  8. Absolutely love a person who doesn't take themselves too seriously.

    I did watch part of the Oscars and it WAS awful.

  9. Because Muppets should be used to validate anything. just sayin


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