Thursday, December 8, 2011

Conversations with my Kid: Deprivation, and the Grass is Always Greener.

I'm pick a chocolate chip of my oldest daughter's cookie while she grabs a glass of milk.  There were just enough cookies left for each kid to have three (or each of us to have two, but I really don't need them).

T: Hey!
Me: What?
T: Are you picking a chocolate chip off my cookie?
Me: Yeah, of course.  Hey, Wait! Are there any in the bottom of the cookie jar?  Sweet, one.. *nom*  two *nom*
T:  Aww.. Lucky!
Me: Says the kid with three cookies to the woman who just fished errant chocolate chips out of the jar.


  1. This is why I just keep cookies around all the time. It's a vice.

  2. I eat the cookies to save my kids from junk food. They don't need it. I'm sacrificing my OWN BODY for their sakes.

  3. I totally heard Napoleon Dynamite's voice with the "awww lucky". Made me giggle.


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