Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Lady, Are You On Glue?"

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"Are you on Glue?"

That is what my inner sloth said to me when I decided yesterday that I was going to sign up for this year's Warrior Dash.

I'm laaaazy. And I'm not in awesome shape. Oh, I'm in better shape than I used to be (I can do pushups! and FULL SIT-UPS!) but on the whole I don't tend to think of myself as athletic, or even particularly fit. Hell, at time I've revelled in my own non-athleticism.

In high school, those who took phys ed had to, twice a year, run a 2400m race. At the beginning of grade nine, I was the kid who half-ran, half-walked, red-faced, huffing and puffing and in tears by the end of the run. At the end of grade nine, I was the kid who stolidly refused to run, and walked, head high and throwing glares at the Phys Ed. teacher, the entire distance to finish dead last with a time of roughly 23 minutes and 18 seconds.

I had my compusory gym credit, and I never took it again after that.

So needless to say, signing up for something like this is rather out of character for me. I mean, seriously? climbing? Fire-jumping? CLIMBING? (I have a wee fear of heights.. and climbing)

I don't know. I feel like challenging myself.

I can't actually register until the 13th, when I get my baby bonus so I have time to back out, if I want to. But really, what do I have to lose? I have two friends interested in signing as well, one a mom who has taken up running and wants to get in (better) shape, and another who will be roughly 17 months post-transplant when the race comes around and is also looking for a challenge. Not to mention my kick-boxing instructor and some women from that class may be signing up as well.

This could get interesting.


  1. Doooooooooo it. Just remember to stretch first.

  2. Sounds fantastic, and is something fun to look forward to.

    My neighbour's hubby did it and had a blast! Just be prepared to be cold and muddy and bring a change of clothes.

    I would love for you to do it because it will also make EXCELLENT blog fodder!!

    Keep us updated!

  3. Do it. That sounds awesome...I really want the warrior helmet now.

  4. I thought about doing the Warrior Dash too! If you do it, I will...think really hard about excuses not to do it but I'll cheer you on!

  5. Girl, you got this! DOOOO ITTTT!


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