Tuesday, November 15, 2011

They'll give anyone a license to teach these days.

First off, let me say that I agree with the idea that by constantly shielding our children from all and any type of conflict we are not providing them with the coping skills that become necessary when one gets out into the 'real world' and learns that ... *gasp* you are NOT a special and unique snowflake and not everyone will like you.

However, it's important that we not forget.. children are PEOPLE and deserving of respect just as are adults. I don't subscribe to the idea that any show of childhood aggression is bullying.  But I won't deny that it definitely happens more than it should.  I also believe that kids learn aggression from adults around them and that one of the ways  to combat it is to teach kids not that they are a special and unique snowflake, but they ARE a human being and worthy of respect, of both their peers and adults around them.

Case in point:

I let out a pretty good string of obscenities when I read a story about a Phys. Ed. teacher in Wyoming who handed out 'Hurt-Feeling' reports that asked those filling out the report if they were 'thin-skinned, a pussy, a little bitch' and so forth.  Not only did these report use a wide plethora of extremely misogynist and homophobic language to describe the kid reporting the incident (because, you know.. only girls and gays have feelings... feelings that get hurt) he refers to the person being complained against as a 'Real Man'.

Of course, because Real Men taunt and torment and tease others in their constant quest to be the Alpha, the manliest of manly men.

And they're letting this guy teach?

Stuff like this is why I get my panties in a bunch sometimes when people discuss childhood bullying and abuse - and make no mistake, THIS is a bullying tactic, through and through. It's hard to break through the idea that adults just don't give a shit when there are assholes like this in the teaching profession.  I was bullied as a kid, for a good year at least, and later in other instances and I never told anyone.  If a kid like me, with a supportive family and half-decent teachers wouldn't seek out adult intervention, what hope do kids have who have to depend on this jackhole?

By the way, Baldy McScaryPants was reprimanded for the forms and ... um.. demoted, I guess?... from Phys Ed. coach to...

... get this...


"HELP ME HELP YOU.. TO NOT BE SUCH A WHINY LITTLE BITCH!!"  Dear Gord, send it back to Hell.
I'm not sure what bugs me more about this:  The fact that this guy who is supposed to be in a position of trust and authority is waving a flag stating "I don't give a shit about you or your precious fee-fees" or that he's also reinforcing the idea that if you speak up about someone hurting them, you are not a Man.  You are a sissy or worse, a girl. (subtext: No one wants to be a girl.  Girls are icky.  So are gays.  Because they are like girls and have girly-hormones).  Men Don't Have Feelings.  Only Girls and Sissy Gay Boys Have Feelings.

God help the kid that comes for guidance who happens to be a girl, or gay, or both.

It makes me sad that there are dedicated honest people waiting for teaching jobs while this dude is probably setting up a whole new generation of Columbine kids with apathy and hatred.

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  1. If I wasn't an emotionally sensitive ninny-boy, I might make a judgement like, "Dude, may I call you dude? No? Okay, Dude, you're the equivalent of the insecure remnants left after draining a colostomy bag, yeah, the runny-but-still-chunky waste."
    Sorry to be graphic, but what a horrible thing to do with already-emotionally-confused kids.
    Are there an unusually high amount of child predators (yes, this human garbage pile is a type, a style if you will, of child predator) lately, or is this coincidence or is this an all the time thing always?

  2. Wow, I am honestly shocked that a teacher would do that. How did he ever think that was okay? I think one of the biggest problems society has is the lack of expressing feelings -- either the inability to or the encouragement (especially towards males) to hide those feelings. Feelings are a part of nature, and expressing those feelings is healthy and natural (within reason of course--I'm not advocating for exaggerated drama, but you know what I mean), and not expressing feelings does not erase feelings. Oh, people.

    Also, you're totally quoting Fight Club ("you are not a unique and special snowflake!") which I have to comment on because I love Fight Club (but not fighting! lol).

  3. Yup, you caught me on that one! One of my favorites as well :-)

  4. I had yet to hear this story, but am reminded of the one I heard yesterday about the special needs teachers who were bullying their students. WTF is wrong with people?

  5. Is this the one you're referring to?


    That's frickin' BRUTAL. So frustrating, especially when I know people like my sister who had to wait over a year for a teaching job... meanwhile there are people like this out there getting paid for doing a shitty job.

    I hope neither of my kids ever has to deal with people like this.

  6. Yep, that's the one. Unbelievable. Some of us want to be teachers, and the assholes that pick on kids like they did back in high school are the ones who get the jobs.


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