Monday, November 7, 2011

Of bars and bunk beds

A quiet but relatively busy weekend this weekend.  Friday night was spent moving furniture and cleaning the disaster area that is my children's room to prepare for new bunk beds.  

Back when we had the house fire we were fortunate to receive a great number of donations to replace the furniture we lost, including a beautiful set of metal bunk beds, the kind that sleeps double on the bottom and single on top.  The younger kid, about 20 months old at the time, was forced to make the transition into a 'big girl' bed rather quickly as who wants to buy a brand new crib for a kid who will likely be out of it in three months anyway?  

These bunks served us well for the last 6 years but about 8 months ago I started looking out for a set of twin bunks either for sale or by barter.  You see, the bedrooms in our little cottage are rather small, and for two growing girls, I figured I could free up a lot of floor space this way.  Plus the mattresses were getting old and the children were complaining of discomfort sleeping.  It was pretty ridiculous, but I was holding off on buying new mattresses because I still hoped for new beds  - no use buying a new double when I wasn't going to use it.  

It got to the point where the kids would rather sleep on the couch or on an easy chair than in their beds.  I'm the only person I know who still - quite reluctantly because Gawd knows, I LOVE having my bed TO MYSELF - had 'the family bed' with a 10 and 8 year old.  I was about to break down this week and buy new mattresses just so EVERYONE could get a good night's sleep when one of my dearest friends texted me to let me know she had located some bunks that would well suit my needs.  So being the Amazon I am, I dismantled the old bunks and carried the damn things out to the shed all on my own and then set to work cleaning the room, including what was once 'under the bed' - aka where socks, Webkins, spare earrings, books, more socks and barbie clothes go to die.
You know it.  Amazon.
My friend, her significant other and another friend of ours made it out to my place with the beds after having to fashion some hardware that was missing from the set.  After everything was set up I attempted to make conversation while surreptitiously gazing at my children's bedroom, in awe of all the extra floorspace.

Saturday was a day of laundry and yardwork and removing Halloween decorations, as there comes a time sometime after November where it is no longer fashionable nor socially acceptable to have dead babies on your front lawn.  Philistines.  Also, the yard was getting jungly and the freaky mysterious 'Where-the-hell-did-they-come-from' Morning Glories had long ago taken over the front porch.  They were, by this time, quite dead though so I decided maybe it was time to take my porch back.

Seriously, though.  I don't know where they came from.  I have not in my history planted Morning Glories.  My sister did when she lived there, but that was four years ago and to the best of my knowledge they are not perennials by any means.

Saturday night my other friend and her SO and I headed to Collingwood to see the Schomberg Fair... again.  This is my fourth show now so I imagine that puts me into some kind of weirdo Dead-head category now.  Truth be told, I'm going to be a little sad when these guys make it really big (which I am pretty certain is bound to happen).  I'll miss that recognition and appreciation one gets for showing up and supporting a pretty awesome trio of local musicians.

A great show, even with a smaller than usual crowd - then again, it's Collingwood and I didn't gather that the downtown had a thriving nightlife.  They played pretty much every song off the new EP, Mercy  as well as a number of older tunes I had not heard played live before.  Even "Dark was the night, Cold was the ground" which had been requested by myself at previous shows, so I was stupidly excited over that one.

Sunday the girls came home to their surprise and were quite happy with the new beds and their newish mattresses.  I haven't had any company for the last two nights and I couldn't be happier.


  1. I thought bunk beds were the most exciting thing in the world when I was a kid? Not so much when you hit the teens?
    I feel the same way about you and your pending fame as you do about Schomberg Fair (thanks for exposing us to them).
    Glad to see all were pleased with the new arrangements.

  2. I used to share a bunk bed with my brother. That was way better than before when we used to share a bed because he was called Octopus J (arms and legs flailing everywhere).

    The no longer fashionable on front lawn part gets the spit-coffee-all-over-the-keyboard (SCAOMK) award of the day. So wrong but so funny.

  3. I like this blog actually in terms of space efficiency, bunk bed is a good choice. It is simple and straightforward in design, yet comfortable enough to hold its own among its more lavishly-made counterparts.
    Bunk beds are also called double-deck beds. They are two beds stacked one on top of the other, through a specially designed bed frame. This stable frame supports the weight of the two beds so two people can lie down comfortably in the same vertical space.
    Using a bunk bed is a good way to maximize a bedroom's floor area. To get to the top portion of the bunk bed, there is a ladder that is either attached to or separate from the bed frame. Bunk beds are often found in children's rooms, residence halls of universities and colleges, ships and trains.

  4. Umm. Thank you. That was very informative.

  5. Standard bunk beds have the traditional format -- one twin size bed above and one twin size bed below.
    Each family has its own needs to satisfy, so there's something for everyone! Nothing folds out; both beds are fixed twin beds.

  6. Now I'm pretty sure you're just spamming.


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