Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Construction on Highway 12 can F*** Right Off.

The highway that I take to work and back (the one with little to no sideroads or alternate routes) has been under construction for what seems like months now.  I've had just about enough.

Today my drive home took 35 minutes.  A normally 10 minute commute took over half a freaking HOUR.

Yes, I know.  White Girl Problems.

Two days ago I got a notification that there was a package waiting for me at Canada Post.  This is exciting because normally all I get is bills and junk.  It's either a prize pack from ChartAttack or my latest Amazon purchase.  Either way, woot.  Thing is, my P.O. closes at 5:30 during the week.  I get off work at five, pick up the kids at their dads and head home.  I have a key to access my p.o. box after hours, but I need the office to be open to pick up packages.

So today I busted my ass today to make sure I got out of work at PRECISELY 5pm so I could get to the post office on time, only to wind up in a construction-related traffic jam that would make people used to Toronto Gridlock at Rush Hour facepalm and road rage.

Do you know who the biggest assholes in the world are?

The people who speed up to the front of the lane that is merging for construction and then try to budge their way in, so they can be ahead of everybody else.  La-Dee-Frickin-Da.  YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.  A single row of cars moving at 50kmh in an 80 zone is still moving.  But when you get some jackholes that didn't realize maybe there was a REASON that no one was in the right lane who start trying to nudge their way in to the open lane, well this is where you get your stop/start traffic from.

Today, out of principle, I refused to let anyone in, except for one guy that was trying to edge in from a bitch of an intersection.  That was bad luck, not poor foresight.  Eff that.  I was patient enough to wait in the proper late, I'm not letting you cheat.  You wait your turn like everyone else, asshole.

Road rage makes me a vindinctive bitch.  I'm okay with this.

I'm a happy small-town girl through and through, but one area we can definitely take a cue from the big city is TO DO ROADWORK AT NIGHT!!  Not at 5'O'clock in the evening.

Needless to say, I missed the Post Office.


Rage. *shakes fist* - Source

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  1. Even though I cognitively know construction is for the betterment of the road in the long run, I despise construction. They can take that jackhammer and jackhammer each other! (and suddenly it's a gay porn)
    By the way, since you're Canadian, you don't have to specify "white" girl problems. That's why it's called "The Great White North", because everyone in Canada is white, right? (Wheeeee being an ignorant dick is fun!)


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