Thursday, September 29, 2011

No Title Fitting.

Your beauty kindled envious green flames
You were the wanted, and I was stunned and shamed 
but the laughter, in writing was infectious
and something like a friendship born

Troubled and hopeful, youth cased in wisdom
Too much spirit to be held by a mere human form.

One day, one pill, one phone call
That spirit exploded and touched across the miles
Drawing strangers in flesh but friend in words
To the place where you lay

I wept tears for the broken
As your pedestal crumbled
Crushing the spirits of those who worshipped at your feet
Falling into madness and bottles and nothingness.

Four years, holding a vigil to your silent photograph
We left messages, until the day you became a Cause.
They took your face.
They took your voice and spoke for you.
Strangers, and I could look no more.

Copyright 2011 Andrea Lyn Cole


  1. That's a great poem. I can only do Haiku. This has happiness, pain, uncertainty, seemingly regret... it's what poetry is supposed to be: something you can't express in prose.

  2. Very nice. Must be a poetry kind of day today since I posted one, too.

  3. Sorry about the Dexter spoiler in my comments today. Just take a roofie and forget about it. Or not, but try to forget about it!!

  4. No worries.. I'm so behind on that show that by the time I get there, I probably WILL have forgotten.


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