Sunday, April 3, 2011

I have an axe to grind..

.. okay, so it's more of a hatchet.

Started on my yard work today after a miscommunication resulted in my afternoon opening up.  A whack of smaller trees on the back of the property fell down so Reegs and I spent an hour or so dragging the broken limbs over to the fire pit.  Unfortunately, some of the fallen branches are too thick for me to break down into smaller chunks by hand, so I'll need to chop them.  Right now my rusty little hatchet is about as threatening as a Nerf bat.

I also managed to fashion a working leaf rake out of the two leaf rakes that got broken last fall, due to neglect.  So I'm a handy-freakin' woman.  I've also managed to make banana muffins, a big batch of spaghetti sauce and completed a backdrop for Tee's play for school.  They're doing 50 Below Zero, based on the book by Robert Munsch and needed a background for the outdoor scene.  Since I'm pretty sucky on that whole 'volunteer-parent' thing, I thought "Hey, this is somewhere I can contribute!"

I don't mind saying, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.
So the moral of the story, I should let the kids have friends over more often, because when they're occupied, I get shit DONE.

I welcomed back clothesline season by doing about six thousand loads of laundry.  Two weeks worth of clothes, plus two loads of sheets and a couple of comforters.  I've even got lunches ready to go for tomorrow.  I have to call the insurance company tomorrow to see what the freakin' deal is with my car, because it's been over two weeks and I'm still driving the rental around.

Unexpected visit from the most recent ex, who was in the area visiting friends.  It was.. pleasant.  I dunno, for the first time since everything really went to shit, I felt like we might actually be able to maintain a friendship.. one that doesn't fuck with me emotionally but rather one where we really are just friends, nothing else.

I've been blogwarded by Bruce at Just Another Day In Paradise

I recently came to the conclusion that my blog suffers a bit of an identity crisis as it does not know whether it wants to be a humour blog, a feminist blog, a mommy blog, a music blog, a creative writing/poetry blog or what.  I'm pretty all over the place.  But if others want to call that 'versatile' well who am I to correct them, right?  So thanks Bruce!

The Rules:

7 randoms about me.  These get harder to come up with.  I've also found this in conversation.. being prevalent on the interwebs means I have no material for face-to-face conversations and small talk.

"Did I tell you I...?"  "Yeah, you blogged/posted on Facebook/tweeted about it last week."

Hoo boy.  Random facts.
  1. I think Crocs are great for kids but grown-ups who wear them should be throat-punched.
  2. I will use a men's washroom (single-occupancy) if no women's washroom is available, because I refuse to let my bladder be a slave to social condition.
  3. About 85% of the women on my mothers side look exactly alike or with variations on the same theme.  You could make a template out of us.
  4. My favourite book is Hugh MacLennan's The Watch That Ends the Night.  I read it after seeing an interview with The Tragically Hip where they said that the third verse for the song Courage was basically ripped from that book.
  5. I once named a cat Chino Moreno, after the singer for the Deftones
Sorry folks, five is all you get. I'm going to hold off on passing this on too, because I'm tired and I get all worried that A) I'm going to insult someone by leaving them out or B) I may pass this on to someone who is not prepared to take on the awesome responsibility of blog award recipiency.

Taking a page from Lance over at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog, I'll leave all y'all with a little tune.  This is a live version of Courage, because I can only get the official video through that stupid Vevo thing that tacks a friggin' 40 second commercial at the beginning.  Besides, watching Gord Downie perform live is usually a thing of beauty.

"You look like a wallet in the street.  You look that good."


  1. I'll use the men's room too.
    When ya gotta go ya gotta go.

  2. and that is what i love about your blog... i never know what will pop up...

    i, too, will use the mens room! oh uh i mean the womens room...ever since that little near miss with the cops and peeing by an atm...

    rilly they should make a piss and cash... atm in a porta potty...

    jus sayin...

  3. thanks for the nod and the tribute...

    I just wrote 867 words on Kurt Cobain.

    it's going to be a heavy Tuesday

  4. Hi,
    This is one of the finest blog posts I have ever read. I must tell you that I am quite new to this blog and I am truly loving it already.
    The title of the post is excellent, I just love it.
    Well done!

  5. haha! I'll use the mens room (single occupancy) also - if the ladies room is without toilet paper or occupied. It took a few times to get my girls to NOT be horrified by it - "Look - just a toilet, just like in the ladies room."

  6. yes, i agree with the throat punching, Crocs are NOT shoes, and i too will use the mens room if i must

  7. Morning. Thanks for the follow in the last day or so. I love picking up new people to expand my reading world whilst I neglect work.

    You are correct about Crocs, but I'd rather see an adult man wearing Crocs than those Stupid Vibram FiveFinger Shoes. I saw an adult male, pushing 60, wearing these at the grocery store the other day. I just don't understand the point. I hate getting sand or anything else between my toes, but why the hell would I want to wedge these toe sleeves between my piggies?

  8. Man, I love you alone for the throat-punching comment.

    Too funny about the Hip. I honestly hadn't seen your post.

    Ironically, since I am totally anal, I find Gord hard to watch in a live show because he diverts so much from the original song, and adds words and stories.

    Most people love that, and it pisses me off if it doesn't sound identical to the album.

    Silly, eh? I should save my money, avoid Ticketmaster and just listen to the album at home. ha.

    And totally with you on the male washroom thing. And I hover pee, so if the seat is up, less work for me.




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