Monday, March 14, 2011

Socks, you have been effectively rocked.

Just a few quick updates.

Went to Toronto with a friend to go see the Schomberg Fair for Canadian Music Week.  I was pretty much pathetically broke so Cory was cool enough to pay my way in and be my 'date' even though I wasn't going to put out (har har).  As always the guys guys in the band proved to be super-awesome to their fans and we got to be dweeby fangirls and hangout with Nate Sidon and Peter Garthside, and were suitably thrilled to find out that Pete's a local boy, as it turns out.  
I'm a nerd of epic proportions.

It was a pretty good show, although not quite surpassing last years show at the Horseshoe Tavern.  I think the sound-mixing was a little off, and as a result the vocals were not fantastic, but otherwise, pretty kickass show.  My socks were effectively rocked.  The two opening acts (the Treasures and Northcote) we caught were pretty good too.

Ugh, by the way, I fuckin' hate people who get stupid drunk and try to pick fights at shows.  Some chick very sloppily bumped into me a number of times, and when I turned around to say 'Uhm.. yeah, about that?' she started making that weird "I've got my eye on you" gesture at me.  What.  The.  Fuck.  Ever.  I left that shit behind in high school.  Learn to hold your liquor, chickyboo.

Yeah.  This one.  ooh, scary.  Source
This is the same girl that thought'd be funny to reach out and turn the mike around (the Dakota Tavern is a relatively small venue, with little space between the stage and dancefloor) so when Matt went to sing it wasn't there. 

I'm way too effin' old to be out until 6:30 am, and the time-change screwed with that even more fantastically.  But I feel kind of bad-assed, nonetheless.

Work is quiet because everyone is away at Pittcon, which is basically the Woodstock of our industry.

I got blog awarded and the best thing is, I don't have to do anything for this one except link back to the lovely lady that bestowed it upon me.  So without further ado, courtesy of the Everyday Goddess is the Goddess Award:

The Goddess Award
This will be going on my validation page, for sure.  Thanks, Everyday Goddess!  I suggest going and checking her out.

March Break is awesome because getting the kids ready in the morning is ridiculously easy.  As long as they have pants covering their butt and they've brushed their teeth, we're pretty much good to go in the mornings.

Yeah.  So, in an effort to curb the late-night snacking, I'm gonna go spend some quality time with my guitar.  Still contemplating a ukelele purchase when income tax time comes.  Unfortunately the need for tires may usurp that vision.  Friggin' ridiculous, right?  I *finally* get my snow tires on, and now I have to think about getting SUMMER tires.  It. Never. Freakin. Ends.

Lastly, I'm still looking for pledges for the Great Strides for CF walk and I will be making myself a pain in the ass over it between now and the time of the walk.  Breathing is awesome and Cystic Fibrosis is lame so if you're so inclined, feel free to make a small donation.


  1. if i stay up til 630 am i need to be in suspended animation for two weeks to recover!

    you rock enough socks for me as well!

  2. I wanted to go to Pittcon. We deal with a few vendors who were there. I just wanted to go to get out of the office. That and my kids are in Atlanta at the moment.

  3. Yeah I gave up angling to go to trade shows with work a long time ago. I'd have to get into the sales end, and I'd personally rather slit my wrists than do sales.

  4. you were out until 630a?!?! omg. that is so hard core i don't even know what to say! i don't think i've ever done that. i've stayed UP until 630a, but i've never been OUT until 630a.
    no. that is SO bad ass. :D
    extra cool points to you.

  5. In fairness we left Toronto around 4:30, but the drive home is a good hour and a half to two hours. And I slept in the car.


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