Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WWWednesday - or not.

So you may (because I like to pretend more people care what I write than probably do) have noticed a dearth of WWWednesday posts.  This is because I haven't actually been to weigh in since they changed the program and I'm really struggling with whether I want to go back or not.  I'm afraid of backsliding but I really have a bad taste in my mouth as far as the rampant corporatism goes.  Sigh.

I made banana bread tonight but I think I may have under cooked it.  It's a bit mushy.  I made a pretty cool comic-themed headband which will not be going on the Etsy store - no, this one will be for my own personal use.

jealous?  *nods knowingly* You're jealous.
Taking a cue from Saskatchewan's sexiest blogger, Tyler, I've had this song stuck in my head all day:

Apparently this is the song the Scott Pilgrim books and subsequently the film Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World film was named after. I can't tell if she's saying "I've liked you for a thousand years" or "I've liked you for a dozen years".

A quick Google search tells me it's thousand. This is comforting. I hate to think I've been singing it wrong. all. day. long.


  1. Cute headband : )
    I apparently under-cook things all the time... I think it stems from a childhood filled with food items that my mother burned during preparation ;D

  2. headbands are my new favorite thing. i have one that has a bow that looks like it's made out of a piece of paper. that one is my current favorite.
    i bet your banana bread was yummy. plus? at least you cooked!!! :D

  3. Great!!! Salut!!!

    Frank , Barcelona


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