Thursday, January 27, 2011

Okay, now THIS pisses me off...

Via Matthew Good's Facebook page

Oh Noes!! A Couple and their CHILD!!  AVERT YOUR EYES, SINNERS!!

Mr. Good's caption on the photo:
Harps grocery store in Arkansas put a "family shield" over the recent cover of US Weekly because, well, little kids might have to look at two gay men and their child. And you know what that leads to - dancing, drugs, and teen pregnancy. Oh, and being gay.
Are you friggin' kidding me, Harps of Arkansas? 

I wish our grocery store would put a Family Shield over Kim Kardawhoserface or the short broad with the big hair from Jersey Shore, because they sure as hell offend MY sensibilities and I don't want my young shoppers subjected to THAT.  However, I'm pretty okay with a picture of a couple with a baby.

Holy crap, people.


  1. Kim Kardawhoserface... I first read that as Kim Kardawhoreface hahaha

  2. Ahhhh! That's terrible! A "family shield" over the picture of a family. Wow. Do you think they put a family shield over the celebrity divorces and the drunken teen moms? What about Cosmo and Redbook? I'd guess not.

  3. Part of me hopes that maybe the people at Harps believe that people on magazines can see out into the world and they're really trying to shield Elton John's family FROM Harp's Young Shoppers.

    But that's probably wishful thinking.

  4. Never mind the facefull of Rhianna cooch on the front of GQ while browsing Coles today. I could have used a "Hey Lori, we've hid this for you to protect your 36 year old sensibilities. "



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