Thursday, January 27, 2011

Conversations with my kid: Be Specific

In the car:

T: Can you put on that song?
Me: Which one?
T: I don't know which one
Me: How does it go?  Sing a bit for me.
T: I can't. I don't know.
Me:  I can't put on a song if I don't know which one you mean.
T:  Harrumph.

Later, just now.  I'm putting on music.

T: Can you PLEASE put on that song?
Me:  I don't know what song.  You don't know the title, or the melody or any of the lyrics. 
T:  It's that one that you and me both like.. it's like 'hip-hop slash.. uhm (she's great with genres, just like her mother)... uhm. 
Me:  Go clean your room.


  1. hahaha, that would drive me crazy, only because i would NEEEEEED to know what the song was :P did you ever figure it out?!

  2. Surprisingly yes, quite by accident. It was Best Est 2019 by times neu Roman

    Yeah, I let my kids hear this.. please don't judge LOL

  3. That's too funny. Sometimes I wish that I could record some of the conversations at my house,

    You have some bloggy love over at my place if you care to come by and pick it up.

  4. The one with the hum hmm hmmm hmmmmmm. You know that one!


  5. Hi! Nice blog! I found you through Stephanie ( Seriously really seriously).

  6. Hi Yandie,

    I have been missing out on the commenting rounds and now trying to catch up, so this is late, but...

    Charming. Except I don't know that song, but I do that movie; you know, that one with that guy who, like, you know?

    Thanks for the slice of life.


  7. You have just described every single conversation with my father-in-law. Finishing a conversation with him is like a cruel mad-lib game...

  8. I sympathize completely - ALL the time I try to say a word or reference a movie or ask for something and I can't think of a single way to describe it!


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